PundixXEM transfer problem

Hi team,
I want to send NPXSXEM tokens from BinanceDEX to HOTBIT, but it seems “wrong adres”. Whereas I use NPXSXEM deposit adres form Hotbit, where is problem ?

I have send mail to Binance Team for this issue, and they are send to me answer as below.

"For more information regarding on how to swap your NPXSXEM from BEP2 back to NEM blockchain, we could kindly advice you to ask their team if they have something available. You could try and ask them inside their NEM group."

Now how can you help me,


Perhaps this thread is helpful for you?

Seems like you need support from PundiX . If anyone else from our NEM Community had more knowledge about Pundix’ token arrangements, of course feel free to help here.

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