Punkrock is back!

After struggling with real life, I am back to support NEM. I will update NEMNO.DE as soon as possible.

Hi, it’s been awhile ^^

Welcome back

good to see you


sadly I realized that I have not enough time to run NEMNO.DE anymore. I think it can be a platform with great potential in the future and so I don’t want to wipe all the work I put into it. I’m selling the domain, including all website-files (dynamic PHP, HTML, CSS) for cheap XEM.

Current price (updated on January, 5th 2015): 550,000 XEM or 0.25 BTC

Remember, there might be a node-reward some day. So you can get some extra XEM, by running this project.

P.S.: I will stay with NEM because I have trust in this great project. I’m reading all news from our devs and will be more active someday, somehow. :wink: