Resources for finding NEM devs?

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I’m an entrepreneur embarking on the weird and complex task of developing an online marketplace through the funding raised in an ICO. At first I intended to develop on Ethereum, but after a review of our marketplace needs, it became clear that NEM was a much more favorable choice.

The only problem, however, is I’ve been searching for about a week now and still am having trouble finding english-speaking devs able to work on such a project. There doesn’t seem to be an easy means of finding and reaching out to NEM devs. Any ideas?

Alternatively, if any of you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me here or at



Try ask also on NEM telegram groups.
Mainly @nemprojects but also @nemred

II shared that in nemprojects telegram

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Do you want devs only to run ICO/token on NEM or you need them to develop also some app based on NEM platform?

CoderSchool Funding -- Collaboration with NEM

I am helping Coderschool train up more NEM engineers, perhaps we can help. What is your timeline?

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to develop an app based on NEM.

I not entirely convinced you need a NEM dev per se, just a Node/backend dev who’s got a bit of cryptocurrency knowledge. The SDK and library should make working with NEM fairly straightforward – certainly easier than dealing with Solidity.

So if your search is coming up short, try broadening it to Node developers who can flick through the NEM dev tools.

Kia ora from NZ all,

We are also in the process of looking for NEM devs in NZ - our aim is to actually incubate NEM devs in NZ over time as our project progresses. If anyone wants to work remotely or look at moving to NZ, get in touch!

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