Response on Mark Price's Resignation

Hi all,

Communication from the Council will be via the Secretariat Office to represent the collective voice of the Executive Committee and Council Members. Below is the official response and FAQ regarding Mark Price’s NEM Foundation resignation:

1. Why did Mark Price leave?

Mark had stated the reason(s) for his resignation as noted in the forum post here: Mark Price NEM Foundation Resignation

2. Will there be a new council member appointment?

It is not decided if the Council would onboard another council member and will keep this on hold as there is a need to focus on its key priorities.

3. Is there something going on within the council that we should know?

We respect Mark’s decision and accept the fact that the council role is not a full-time position. One of the reasons he cited was that the council role required a strong commitment in time and capacity and would prefer to be an outside contributor to NEM technology. The Council and ExCo have been working very well as a team and we will continue to work on the commitments we have made for NEM Foundation

4. Does Mark’s resignation impact any of the plans that have been made by the council? He comes in as a technical leader we need for NEM Foundation

Mark’s role as a contributor to NEM technology does not change, the launch of Catapult on the NEM public chain is still the key priority and we will focus on having the best talent to support with technology development

5. In his forum post, he mentioned his perspective on how he could contribute was not correct. What happened in the last two weeks after he was voted that might have changed his mind?

During the first few council meetings, Mark (representing NEM Foundation) was tasked to lead the support in the development of Catapult. He realised in the last two weeks that there are many parties to work with and would prefer to play the role as a contributor instead of representing NEM Foundation. That being said, the Council is still committed to supporting the development of Catapult which is a high priority for us.

6. If that is the case, who will be focused on supporting the development of Catapult?

The Council has agreed for Council Members, Pedro Gutierrez and Anton Bosenko, to be co-leaders in making progress on Catapult development before a project leader is appointed.

We as the council will be looking forward to providing further updates regularly. Our wish is for the community to remain steadfast and supportive as we transition into our roles ably. We are coming onboard in challenging times and will nevertheless remain committed.


Thanks for the info.
Let’s pray that a NEM Catapult project leader with deep technical knowledge gets appointed in no time. And can work together smoothly with the core devs and other stakeholders.


More communication between Core Devs and Foundation is definitely needed. It seems to be always a gap in this area that is not helping NEM at all.