Mark Price NEM Foundation Resignation

Dear NEM Foundation and NEM Community,

I, Mark Price, have decided to rescind my appointment as a NEM Foundation Council Member. I will not be signing the requisite paperwork nor taking office January 1st.

There are multiple reasons for this decision, but I will outlay the main reasons behind this decision.

Firstly, my goal in becoming a NEM Foundation Council member was to assist in the development and release of Catapult. My hope was to be a voice of reason in matters of technology and help make wholesome decisions.

Unfortunately, my perspective on how I could contribute was not correct. I would prefer to remain an outside contributor to NEM technology as that is how the ecosystem has settled itself. The community working with the developers and the developers with the community.

The other big reason is time. NEM Foundation needs all hands on deck and I cannot justify putting the time needed into the council. Basically, everyone in the council is working in a full time capacity (as I see it). I have other things that require my attention and I can’t devote the time needed.

There are other reasons, but I’ll leave this as is. My time will now be spent on getting my project Cache back on track and acting as an outside contributor – thus allowing NEM to find people more suitable.

Mark Price

Mark-Price-NEM Resignation.pdf (59.2 KB)

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I am so sorry that one of few voices of reason is leaving the Foundation. With my short history of working with @Mark_Price, he is a very capable person and his resignations is another big hit for the Foundation.


Curious as to what changed between the election and now?


This is a shame and rather on the cryptic side. If it’s felt some sort of issue has been uncovered then I’m sure others would like to hear about it.

Either way I hope you can continue contributing.

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Thanks everyone for your concern. The council is meeting in a few hours and we will be providing an official response on Mark’s resignation as council member. We respect Mark’s decision and will continue to work with him as a contributor and community member.


Well, that sux.

Mark better be replaced with someone with equal technical understanding and goals.

Thanks for your working and commitment!
i have just Doubt …
what is NEM Foundation job description ?
i don’t think the job task needs full time working.
if Nem Council memeber’s Remuneration is full time money,
It is going Concern for Nem Foundation Finance.

How do you think for everyone?

Disappointing to hear, but wish you all the best.

When there will be a statement from council? Rumors going on…

Wouldn’t it be nice if people and positions could become decentralized. Meaning, no one person does everything. But, tasks are layed out, and anyone can complete them, for compensation, and even remain anonymous.

A truly decentralized company.

It would be something worth thinking about! It will need to be big shift from what is happening now. It will take time and it will be ideal if it can happen.

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As an update from the Council, this is the official response, thanks!

Sad… wish you all the best.

Hi Mark,

Was it you that created the Meteor wallet for iOS and Android?


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Hi Mark, it is unfortunate to see you leave, but I totally respect your decision. The duties and responsibilities stated before elections was at bit ambiguous high level. One would find it natural that such a call can only be made after obtaining more information. Glad to hear your still with the community and will push on with the community.
Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks ffor keeping the community up to date. All the best sir!

At the NEM Council, please select someone to replace the vacant council seat, we do not want to sit with a situation as per previous council, where there was a lack of council members, due resignation.