Run your Symbol Full Node in a few clicks on Allnodes

Hey guys! The SYMBOL full node hosting is now available on Allnodes.

Now you can support the project even without any technical knowledge. Get your working node in 15 min. Decentralize network with 15 available cities worldwide :rocket:

P.S. My own node is located in New York City :upside_down_face:


  1. Register on Allnodes website:
  2. Top-up balance with Credit Card, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay or Crypto.
  3. Choose a location for your full node here:
  4. Press the “PROCEED” button.



Is this a preconfigured node? i.e. you don’t need to go through the installation procedure, just the host name etc you need to configure ?

What price do DigitalOcean charge per month?

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It is a completely preconfigured node. You do not need to go through any installation procedures. Just choose a city and click the button and you are all set.

As you can see on the screenshot, the Symbol Full Node is currently charged $10/month.


I like Tokyo

Does the Symbol full node meet the minimum requirements - what is the spec of the $10/month node? Just thinking of future-proofing, so there’s no need to change spec at a later date when network becomes busier.

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Full nodes and they automatically update for you. I am currently running three nodes on there.


I’ve got two nodes running out of the Australia servers, it’s great that we can get nodes running through Allnodes. Thanks!


I think we should distribute our nodes from different providers. If too much concentration on allnodes and allnodes goes bankrupt, this will affect the network.

Currently, the Symbol Full Node runs on minimal configuration possible and will be upgraded in time if required. In the nearest future, we foresee adding options to choose different hardware specs.

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FYI: You can change the Public Name of your Full Nodes when you hover over the Alias of your node with your cursor and click CHANGE in the pop up window that appears beside.

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I hear your concern, although we haven’t planned to go bankrupt, at least not in the foreseeable future, and not as the leading hosting platform; that’s for sure. But you are right. Someone needs to think about the risk, especially in our industry.

But hear me out. I recommend trying us out so that your judgment is based on your experience instead of fears. We are here to stay, long enough for all of us to unite and expand together.


What do you mean? Do you use 4GB RAM and 2 CPU or less?

We use less resources. However, we guarantee that your testnet will be stable and work around the clock. More RAM means higher costs, I am not sure if additional expenses for testnet is the way you want to go. We can expand, if necessary, just let us know.

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