[SOLVED] Opt-in with Trezor fails at last step

I have tried 3x now (and on 2 diff browsers) to opt-in via the 2.4.7 desktop client.

Each time I log in to my account via Trezor as normal, then go to the Opt-in service, go verify everything with my Trezor, copy all the account & VRF info, download the wallet file, confirm the 0.2 XEM transaction, then at the very final step where it is finalizing everything, window gets stuck on ‘Fetching opt-in data’ but nothing ever happens

Have tried all kinds of things with cookies etc but just keeps getting stuck here. checking the opt-in.nemtools.com list shows my account is not added

Tx history for my account also doesn’t show it is correctly finishing the 0.2 XEM tx to opt-in so I assume I haven’t actually completed the opt-in? Help?

Your browser is blocking pop-ups.
In most browsers you should have warning in right side of address bar.
Just allow pop-ups and try again (don’t forget to backup paper wallet).

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am able to interact with all the other Trezor popups (to login, to verify I want to do the opt-in, even to approve the 0.2 XEM fee) – its only when I make the final approval and land back on the main dashboard screen that the graphic gets stuck on ‘fetching opt-in data’ but it never goes thru

UPDATE: finally did it for the 5th time and it worked, only thing I did different this time was to ignore the VRF option – which I assume I can do separately after Symbol launches?

But finally it is confirming the 0.2 tx and wallet is confirming I am opted in. Is there an issue when trying to opt in AND set up VRF keys at the same time?

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Yes. You don’t need VRF Keys now. It can be done after mainnet start from wallet.

When you add vrf Keys then two transactions are sent (opt-in + vrf) and that’s why your browser is blocking it becauase wallet is trying open two pop-ups and once.
That’s why I’m still thinking you did not enable pop-ups.
Anyway great you already opted-in.

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