Status of Project Catapult

Hi, can anyone give an update on this projects?

Some information can be found here dev front diary.

However i think you won’t get any hard facts at this moment.
A few reasons.

possible …

  • ‘hype’
  • ‘fud’
  • ‘but you said this and that’
  • ‘deadline missed talk’
  • etc. :wink:

I would like some updates as well but i guess it’s a ‘it’s done when it’s done’ thing.

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Very high-level plan is:

  1. get catapult-based private chain working – we’re still not there (well, duh, that’s the basis of The Alliance )
  2. once we’ll get it working, add all the things needed for the public chain
  3. public catapult-based nem release

Rome was not built in a day.


Thx - I think that’s something we can get behind. :+1:

Would it be possible to post an update here? Been reading through threads, but still feel fuzzy about Catapult release date.

have you looked here? Any discussion about Catapult should probably happen here:

This current thread is very old.