Stored NEM in Nano Wallet LOST

Good day! I bought NEM last Aug 2017 via Poloniex and store it in Nano Wallet. But recently when I opened it, all the NEM I bought are lost. Is there any way on how I can get it back again? Hoping for your answer. Thank you!

Yes, please share your public address (Starting with letter “N”). I will check it in blockchain explorer.

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Good afternoon. My name is Alexey, I used my wallet to store my funds. I created the wallet on February 20-21, 2018. Translated 761.607700 into it. And until 11/25/2020 did not go to it. And when I entered on 11/25/2020, I found 0 balance. How can I get my funds back? I have all the parody, keys and photo of the transaction.

Добрый день. Меня зовут Алексей, я использовал кошелек нем для хранения своех средств. Кошелек я создал 20-21 февраля 2018г. Перевел на него 761,607700нем. И до 25.11.2020 не заходил на него. А когда 25.11.2020 зашел то обнаружил 0 баланс. Как я могу вернуть свои средства? У меня есть все пароди, ключи и фото транзакции.

Hi. Sorry for late replay. Could you give your address?



You have still 1431 XEM:

Try change node/server you are using.
Desktop wallet: Click circle in top right corner
Mobile wallet: Go to accounts, Click tools icon in top left corner -> Servers and choose other node.

Good day. And how can you squeeze the network and login knowing the wallet address?

Good day. And how can you squeeze the network and login knowing the wallet address?

Not sure what you mean by squeeze

And how can you find out the network and login knowing the wallet address?

I still don’t understand what you want to do. You can check your address in explorer if this is about ->
Please describe your problem because without it I will fail to help :wink:

I can’t log into my wallet. I remember the password, but in order to log in, I need to download a file to select the desired network. But I did not save this file. If I could select a network without downloading a file, then I could go.

If you removed your wallet then only way to restore it is using private key or wlt file backup. Have you it?

Unfortunately not
how can you otherwise return access?

In such case it access can’t be restored. That’s why you have this all warning to backup keys when you creating wallet.

I think I have a similar problem. I had a NanoWallet from 2018 with some XEM stored in it. But I no longer have that app on my laptop. I saved all the info when I created the wallet (public key, private key, QR codes, .wlt file, etc.), so I believe I have all the info I need to be able to recover my XEM. But I don’t know if I can get a NanoWallet. The new version of the NEM wallet doesn’t seem to be called a NanoWallet, and I’ve downloaded it but can never succeed in installing it on my Windows machine. I get an error when I launch the “Main.js” file, saying there is a Microsoft JScript compilation error. I don’t know exactly what the issue is, but I’m hoping you can provide some insight on what would be the easiest way for me to re-access my XEM. Even if I just had to send them to an exchange or a different wallet, that would be fine with me. Thank-you for your help.


  1. Get wallet
  2. Extract zip archive to seperate folder.
  3. Open start.html (from extracted catalog - don’t open directly from zip) in your browser (Chrome or FF recommended)
  4. Sign up > Private key wallet option.
  5. Choose mainnet, new wallet name, new password and provide private key from backup. Create and login.

Thank you very much. That worked perfectly. The key was the step of extracting the zip archive, rather than just opening the start.html file directly, which I had tried many times and only gave me a blank page in the browser. I have accessed the NEM (XEM) I had in the NanoWallet.

Is there a specific set of instructions for how to use this particular version of the wallet in order to send the NEM (XEM) to a different wallet? I notice that it shows me all of the individual amounts of tokens I put into the NanoWallet separately, rather than just giving me a total number of tokens.

Thanks again for the outstanding help!

Also, can I move the wallet folder and files to a different location on my hard drive? Right now it’s in my Downloads folder, which is where the zip file was automatically downloaded and then extracted to. I would rather have it in stored in a folder that is just for the wallet, but I don’t know what will happen if I move it. Do I open the wallet each time by just going to wherever I have the wallet files saved and opening up the start.html file? (In which case, it doesn’t matter if I move the files to a different folder.) Or is there a different way to open the wallet?