Supernodes starting payments on June 1st

I am pleased to report that Supernodes will begin payments.

Please remember to have ports 7880, 7890, and now 7778 open.

Basic Step Steps to Enroll.

A) Make a delegated harvesting account on an account with 3,000,000+ XEM.

B) Boot a node with that delegated harvesting private key and make sure it is synced.

C) Open your ports on OS and router.

D) Configure and start up the Supernode’s servant.

E) Send a message to NAFUNDBUKIOSTMD4BNXL7ZFE735QHN7A3FBS6CMY stating “enroll (your IP or hostname) (your node’s name) (your delegated harvesting public key)”

Check your node’s status and collect XEM as reward. :slight_smile:

Full and detailed instructions can be found here. NEM Supernode Rewards Program


Excellent! Looking forward to it.


Next goal is to get them nodes to answer lots of API calls and verify lots of signatures ! :smile:

which Servant do 0.6.75 use, right now

I reported a NIS error when activating delegated harvesting (importance transfer), see the forum topic about 0.6.75
Activating delegated harvesting is an important step to activate a new node, which seems to be not working.

New Blog is Here.