Support the small nodes!

“Whales getting bigger and bigger … Yes, that’s what the New Economy Movement is all about” (TheoRettisch)

Also supports the small nodes!

Many small servers do not appear inside the wallet in the server list. The ones that do show up, and level up with zeros in the hostname get bigger and bigger.

Decentralization is a basic idea in all of this.

You can also harvested on small nodes first class, it does not depend on the amount of harvesters or a node importance, only the own importance and some luck are needed to harvest.

Here you can see how the distribution of harvesters in network is:

On this list you can see how many harvesters harvest on which node:

Here you can easily find a server from your region with a few users.

With the newest wallet you can easily add a custom node.

I would also be happy about more harvesters on my so far unnoticed node. It has enough resources for a few more users:


In case of problems: Symbol Harvesting: Troubleshooting Guide | by CB | May, 2021 | Medium

“Give the little guys a chance and keep the node count up!”


Yeah, but something is not right from the list.
Some of those nodes account dont show up on symbol block explorer, meaning they have not migrated yet, I believe.
A big portion of those node xym balance is very low. I thought it should be a minimum amount to ensure consistency in wanting to maintain a node and improve importance score.
Some of those node have worst important score and less XYM than my wallet.
So the current list for me is not a true reflection of committed nodes … this causes a concern for me on sustainability based on stability of nodes ?
Am I missing something here …

There is no node importance, only your importance and luck counts. a node can also be operated without xym credit.

For example, a node can also be operated with remote keys, in which case you will not see any xym credit.

The balance is only important for supernodes and their reward system.

You do not harvest more on nodes with a lot of harvesters or with a lot of balance, only your own importance and luck count at harvesting.


Hi @spreebits thx for the info.
Are you running any nodes ?
I don’t see the reward in running a node like this. I mean the min hardware requirements on would pay a month $100 up.
Harvesting is based on a level op luck so that means one will be spending $1200 a year and maybe get something back ?

My nodes have no balance. I delegate to them from a different account.

Node operators earn 25% of their delegates harvesting rewards. This is a great system, because it motivates node operators not just to host nodes, but to attract delegators. That means competition with uptime, customer service, guides, strong hardware, etc.

I’ve already seen multiple harvesting guides and calculators created by node operators trying to provide the best service they can to those delegating to them.


I run a node, it’s there in the origin post.

Per block harvested there is about 200xym. 134 xym goes to the harvester, best case you, 48xym goes to the server operator and 9 xym or so goes to the network.

Harvesting is primarily about your own importance. But there is also a luck factor, so that the network remains unpredictable and cannot be manipulated. You can sometimes make several blocks in a row, and sometimes it takes a little longer, in average the blocks should be distributed according to importance.

you can also calculate it here, until the one with the luck factor:

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Thx you for the info.
Wow nice website and presentation of information.
I might join your node :wink:
I just today update my node for harvesting. Did not know about yours, but might think to change to yours.
Clearly you are putting some time and effort into it and enjoying it at the same time !

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I think this unbalanced distribution is coming from harvesters’ misunderstanding. Most of them don’t research so much but tend to think strong node should have higher probability to harvest. Also people feel secured to be in popular nodes so that they don’t fail or miss a chance.

Currently close to 40% are Japanese nodes. If you include allnodes, they could be close to even 50%.
Now so much competitions are going on among node operators on Twitter. :sweat_smile:
If you don’t give refund or bonus, you barely get any harvesters…
This is why I decided to remove node share from my node. I stopped pursuing profit from a node operation since it’s too much work to do to win the competition…


My node’s main account doesn’t have xym
Through my node, the delegators are harvesting each according to their own impressions.
My node does not require collection from the harvest from the delegator because it is maintained at my own expense
Please know that there is such an operation

It cost money to create a node device, but it doesn’t cost much to maintain it.

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No matter how many delegates you get, the burden on node owners will hardly increase. Rather, it will not change.
The only effective way to get a delegator is the name of the node owner.
The current situation is that the more exposed to the media, the more delegates are acquired.

Isn’t there any room for this to be corrected?

For example, set a certain period in the delegation state, prohibit delegation to the same node during the next period, and let another node be selected during that period.

Otherwise, as it is now
Only nodes with many delegators gain more name and acquire delegators, and the disparity opens irreparably.

And liquidity will be lost

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I think that a fluid system is necessary for the relationship between the node owner and the delegator, but what about?

As it is now, big nodes will be even bigger, and that’s it.

The current state is not equal opportunity

I agree that there is a lot of competition and it seems that running a node will be unprofitable to many. I made some plots both globally on distribution of harvesters/balance and for individual nodes: too (as well as the first plot you showed). The website is basic but it wasn’t about making something shiny, just displaying the data.

I pay €220 a month (maybe I overdid it on my server specs) but I am now just about breaking even from my own account and delegators (I think). I guess many others won’t be though and with XYM price currently on the decline I would think that the number of nodes may reduce.


I agree with supporting small nodes to improve decentralization but there’s another aspect people shoud consider seriously.

When you delegate to a node you are giving him power.
He can use this power for the good of the network or to try to attack it.
You are somehow responsible if the operator of the node you are delegating to behaves incorrectly.

So I say: get in touch with your local NEM community, follow NEM socials, do whatever you want to establish realtionships with other nembers and decide if they are trustworty or not.


You can open an issue on GitHub asking for node list randomization in the wallets.


This issue is not a polarization of 0 or 1.
I think it is worthwhile for all NEMber to see the diversity between 0 and 1.
This is very interesting.

I look forward to more people learning a lot of techniques about Symbol.


I like the randomization idea. Now a lot of nodes use 00 or 0-0-0-… as their domains. This 0 is getting longer and longer to be listed first, which is ridiculous…

Look at this!
Many administrators try to make it easier to find their node
It has a strange friendlyName


A delegator is also a resource for node administrators
It’s currently concentrated on some of the more well-known nodes.
This state is like depleting the “resources” called the delegator.
This is currently causing sluggish growth in the number of nodes.