Symbol 0.10.04 Testnet Update (29/12/2020)

Terrifying situation for NEMbers, like for real. How this even possible and how many recent sellers had inside information?


Makes you wonder about inside information, same thing happened when the delay of launch was announced from Dec to Jan, the price lowered a few days before the public announcement. Makes you think insiders are selling…

Well, it could be that but the volume of transaction is very low

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There is no Symbol to maintain the price of xem
Besides, there is no destination unless Symbol succeeds in the first place.
Please remember this

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New partnership keep being announced, there is no way the instant could be postponed

I’ve done this “alpha” in a different hardware environment and found that some work and some don’t. I think it’s a hardware issue.
Perhaps it’s about CPU extension instructions
May be similar to the previous “avx2” issue
It doesn’t seem to be related to the installed software version

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Hi, can you say a little more about it? Error output?
Maybe on Slack.

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I have filled in the bug details here

Please do not post non-TESTNET topics here.
Please do not post launch dates or snapshot topics.

We only want to know the status of the TESTNET , so please create a separate topic for launches and snapshots. Please consolidate the TESTNET information. Please.

Is this the right place for launch information?

and I have a Question.
Should I stop all TESTNET nodes except DEV_TESTNET at this time? Should we wait for an update?

The way to get the latest official information at the moment is getting complicated: NEM forums, Telegram, Github, Slack, Twitter (personal accounts), we don’t know which one to look at. I would like to see the official information unified.

I think the best way to do this is to save the information on the forum.

The information is being updated more quickly.
Thanks to Dave for his hard work.


Thanks Tanu, I try and make sure the forum is updated with any important information. I plan to write a post today/tomorrow to summarise the last week as well.

I will also put a link on the single source of truth post with all the testnet updates in one place

The tweet was just some quick informal information in reply to a request for some, but the forum is the best place for complete information for sure


Should I stop all TESTNET nodes except DEV_TESTNET at this time? Should we wait for an update?

Exchanges are actively developing using the TESTNET for opt-in and integration. It is helpful to have some local Japanese nodes for them to use.

The NGL nodes will stay as long as required, so it is not a problem if you want to shut yours down.

If you want to switch them off, it will be fine, but if you can keep a few running up in Japan via the community it would be helpful for exchanges short term.

We are confirming the next steps with the current Testnet; patching or resetting…I think it is likely it will reset at this stage but it is not yet confirmed and we need some more information from testing this week to decide the best path.