Symbol Launch - Genesis Block Creation and Opt-In Validation


This post is part of a series of informational/discussion posts coming out this week, the full list is available on the Single Source of the Trust Post

The various teams have been hard at work creating, testing and automating the tooling to extract opt-in data from NIS1, use it to create a valid Genesis/Nemesis block and spin up a Symbol Mainnet ready for launch. =

This is a process that, as you would expect, requires many test runs to ensure the launch day goes smoothly.

This post is to explain the process, what has been put in place and how you can check your future Symbol Public key has been included, that the balance is as expected, namespaces are included etc.

The Process

The teams have created an automated set of tasks (CI/CD for those more technically minded) which runs daily and perform the following:

  • Extract all Opt In data from NIS1
  • Validates and transforms the data into Symbol Genesis Block transactions
  • Adds the various network configurations and any additional steps/checks
  • Deploys a new Chain and Network network onto a couple of nodes
  • Every day, it is all removed and rebuilt, over and over until launch day (it gets refreshed every day)

This means that from a week or two ago, all the way up to launch, the process runs daily to try and ensure nothing unexpected happens on launch day.

Opt In Validation

In addition to the above, the team have included two services that will be useful to the community so you can validate Opt Ins are included as you expect.

The main network itself is not publicly accessible, for obvious security reasons, however following web pages are publicly available and are connected to the network:

If your account is on the Failed Opt Ins list, you should definitely have a look at why and if you can’t fix yourself (probably by opting in another account and moving tokens to it) you should contact NEM Helpdesk as soon as possible, it means there is something specific with your account that has meant it could not be opted in. You will still be able to resolve it, or opt in post launch, but if you want the account including at launch, do please get in touch and fix the issue.

Helpdesk is available at: Telegram Telegram: Contact @nemhelpdesk or NEM Helpdesk


A search tool would be handy so we can search our XYM or XEM address if it was added correctly and did not fail the optin


Ctrl+F :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


awesome, easy as a pie;)

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Yes a search tool would be more handy:
1- The first page does not load completely at once, so if you search for something at the end of the page you will not find it immediately and would think you are not on the list
2- If you are not on the first list you will need to go through the other pages to find which list you are on, especially if you are not sure what list you should be on, or if you not know what the problem could be
3- Account addresses are written with the dashes (xxxxxx-xxxxxx-…) and there are places where it is written without the dashes

  1. I would suggest explorer as a first source of “opted-in” accounts (and there’s search box there, I assume you do have your symbol addresses somewhere)
  2. fair point
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symbol address is there in the explorer.

How can we check our mnemonic is correct to access the XYM?

I would suggest using this link below, as you can search for your NEM NIS1 address and see if your account is listed as migrated or not:

I found this way a lot more straightforward.

You can use the “find in page” or ctrl F in your browser to find your address.

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