Symbol & NEM NIS1 - Ledger Support + Nano Wallet v2.5.0 Release


I am very pleased to be able to finally announce that Ledger is integrated with both NEM platforms - NIS1 and Symbol.

This is thanks to a huge amount of work over the past 3-6 months by a combination of FDS Software, Peersyst a Certified Symbol SI and various NEM Group teams, the whole integration was very ably led by @rg911 and @CryptoBeliever.

The work was originally started by the NEM Foundation development team and @jabo38 deserves no small amount of credit for getting the ball rolling and supporting all the way through!

The support includes:

  • Symbol Desktop wallet - full support, released a few days ago on Testnbet

  • NIS1 Nano Wallet - full support

  • Symbol Optin via NIS1 Nano Wallet - full support

This includes support for Single and Multi-Sig accounts and most functions on the Nano Wallet that are supported by Trezor already. You will also need to upgrade the Ledger device to the latest firmware to install the apps.

There will be various announcements and the websites are being updated at present, the Nano Wallet Release note is below

We are aware there are a few translations missing, these will be added over the coming days, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Spanish are present and apart from a few buttons/pop ups are fully complete

Opt-In Support

The team are putting together some new guides but the process works very similarly to the Trezor opt in process, key highlights are that it supports:

  • NIS1 Ledger → Symbol Ledger Opt-in (on same device)
  • NIS1 Trezor → Symbol Ledger Opt-in
  • Single and Multi Sig Opt-In

Obviously, the Ledger is configuring a new Private Key and Address for your NIS1 Ledger account (same as a Trezor does) so you will need to send any tokens from your previous accounts to the Ledger. The Ledger account is a brand new one, your old one still exists and that movement is manual.

Usual advice applied - backup you profile/keys/wlt file before you upgrade the Nano Wallet.

Symbol - Development Mode

What you will find is that you need to put the Ledger into Development mode to access the Symbol app, this is a Ledger policy to not publish it publicly until the Mainnet is launched, however it is fully supported and tested for the opt in process and to manage Symbol Mainnet keys

To do this, it is best to use a brand new device and to disable it once installed:

  • Open Ledger Live and go to Settings (gear icon on the right):
  • Enable developer mode
  • Now go back to manager and search for Symbol and install the app
  • Go back to Settings and Disable the Developer Mode
  • Use the wallet as normal

Linux Version

Fully supported and normal usage

Mac Version

Fully supported and normal usage

Windows Installation

Fully supported and normal usage

Web/Universal Version

Ledger is not supported on this Universal version, the integration needs an installed wallet.

Nano Wallet v2.5.0

Github: Release 2.5.0 · NemProject/NanoWallet · GitHub

Version 2.5.0

  • Added Electron builds
  • Added Ledger support
  • Fixed optin minRemoval calculation

Symbol Ledger App

Github: GitHub - LedgerHQ/app-symbol: Symbol Ledger App Integration

NEM NIS1 Ledger App

Github: GitHub - LedgerHQ/app-nem: NEM Ledger App Integration


Mac issues are now resolved and the build is available, I will update the note above


Great job.

I don’t know if a single new code chain that had hardware support on day 0. Really great!


Wow, you really put a lots of effort into security. Great job! :+1:
Let hope people will notice this.


Updated to confirm the Windows install issue has been resolved and you should not now receive warnings from Windows Defender - certificate was received today and the build signed, the Github release has been updates so just download the installer again if needed