Symbol opt in question


I am curious about opt-in procedure for symbol network.
I would like to know if my NEM coins will be available in my wallet after optin in , or they will be reserved from the system and i would have no access on them.
Sorry for the newbie question.
Hope someone is kind enough to answer my question.

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I am opted in. My coins are available and I have access to them.

Hope that helps

…good to know…
Does my wallet private key will be exposed during the process?
Thank you.

No. There should nvr be any reason to expose your private key to any one other than yourself.

And a last question…
I guess snapshot doesn’t affect average users which will be procceed with opt in through wallet right? The number of XYM that will be received have to do with the XEMs available in the wallet the day of the opt-in .is that right?
Thanks for your time…

If I understand your question correctly, yes and plus any exchanges that are in support of the symbol luanch.

The snapshot is expected to take 5 blocks to process, but could take up to 360 blocks.

Can you help me? I want to opt in. I have not signed in my nano wallet in years… it is version 2.1.2
I went to the services tab and dont see the symbol opt in link so i figured my wallet is out of date? what do i need to do?

First, you back up your old Nano Wallet (wlt file). Make sure you save it on right place. Then download new NEM wallet from NEM website. Then upload your wlt file. Then you can check service tabs and see Purple Y icon. Click Opt in!

All set, thanks. The only discrepancy I have now is that when I downloaded the symbol wallet in my android device I was not asked about namespace (unless I missed it)… so, under ‘My opted in namespaces’ it says ‘Nothing to show’… should I be worried. Also I only have 47.63 XEM in my NEM wallet but I read that at the time of the snapshot I most have 100 XEM… No biggy I will add XEM, but a bit of an annoyance to learn about it after the opt-in process and not before… maybe it was mentioned somewhere in small print and I skipped thru it?

But during the opt-in process at the symbol wallet configuration it asks for our NEM wallet private key… right?

First, you can check to make sure your XEM gets opt-in.

If Symbol has your address and match to your XEM coins then you are good to go.

I do not have namespace because I do not want to pay custom cool name for me. Default should be okay (I guess)

My guess is when Symbol launches on March 12, it will give you the instruction how to transfer your XYM money from NEM Wallet to Symbol Wallet. That’s what I think.

On March 12 a snapshot of every NIS1 account’s funds will be taken. On March 15 the new Symbol network will launch and every NIS1 account that successfully opted-in will automatically receive an amount of XYMs equal to the amount of XEMs it held on the snapshot date.
No more actions are required after opting-in.

Right now my XEM is on the Bitrue exchange. Do I still need to opt in or are they the ones to opt in? If Bitrue opts in, do they keep the tokens? Can I just leave my tokens on the Bitrue exchange and still receive the airdropped tokens? TIA for any help.

Even I have the same doubt. Anybody here, please clarify the same.

It shows me 2 options to add account via private key and another via qr code


Those exchange platform like Bitrue, Binance, and others should able to give you XYM tokens after Snapshot. The theory is they should opt-in for you as long as you have more than 100 XEM.

If you opt in your XEM in NEM Wallet then it is 100% guaranteed to get XYM tokens.

After reading many different posts today, alot of people lost XEM tokens after withdrawing from exchange platform or their XEM tokens never came to NEM Wallet. Too many traffic today… So my advice is check NEM’ twitter and check if your exchange like Bitrue support XYM Airdrop then you have nothing to worry about.

It is the list of exchange platform that support XYM tokens.

I just opted in with my Ledger Nano but most of my XEM coins were in Bittrex.

Will I only get the same amount of symbol tokens that I had in my ledger when I opted in or will I get matching tokens for all my tokens on my ledger and what’s sitting on bittrex?

If only what’s on Ledger then how do I correct it so I get matched for my total XEM holdings?


I am checking the NEM wallet and it does not allow me to see the SYMBOL option, I have the latest version

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I have the same problem. The wallet says to update, but it’s already the latest Wallet 2.5.1
I have applied for the Opt-in process and it succeeded until this screen.

How to move further or how can we enter the Symbol part?! See screenshot:

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