Symbol Wallet Release - Desktop, Android & iOS (19-Feb-2021)

Symbol Wallet Release - Desktop (0.14.1), Android & iOS (0.4.3)

Following hot on the heels of the Symbol Server Release and Testnet Load Testing, the next release of the wallets is now available:

Huge thanks to the combined NEM Group and Peersyst development teams for the continued hard work after the last release!

It is expected there will be at least one further wallets release before launch.

Android Wallet

The Android Wallet has been built as an APK at present and will be able to be installed manually on phones for those who wish to test, in the release above:

Android mobile wallet apk download

iOS Wallet

The iOS Wallet has been built and provided to Apple, it is available in open beta release at present, existing users will need to upgrade via Testflight, new downloads can use the link below:

Release Notes

Desktop Wallet v0.14.1

[0.14.1][v0.14.1] - 19-Feb-2021

Milestone: [email protected]


  • Allow use of the wallet without a running node.
  • Added T&C to Ledger integration.
  • Added fees label in Aggregated transaction form.


  • Removed default nodes on wallet initialization. Changed to randomly sync to working nodes.
  • Split reserved nodes by network types.
  • Removed unnecessary notifications.
  • Changed Node Key Link description.
  • UX improvement on profile creation.
  • Localized amount display.
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Language improvement.


  • Fixed fee selector in metadata transaction from.
  • Fixed Mosaic supply amount decimal part issue.
  • Fixed Mosaic shows as expired when the balance is 0 issue.
  • Fixed transfer tab becomes inactive after toggling from multisig account issue.
  • Fixed Ledger notification issue on MacOS.
  • Fixed cosignature transaction modal issue.
  • Fixed versions in Settings.
  • Fixed profile creation wizard issue.
  • Fixed estimated rental fees on transaction history list issue.
  • Fixed metadata cosign with single accounts issue.
  • Fixed Aggregated transaction save button malfunction issue.
  • Fixed alias validation issue.

Mobile Wallet v0.4.2

[0.4.3][v0.4.3] - 19-Feb-2021

Milestone: [email protected]


  • Add custom node functionality. Now you can add a custom node under settings menu.


  • News dates where not displaying properly
  • App was crashing when internet was turned off
  • Broken design with Russian translation. Changed Home and tab menu translations
  • Harvesting was not changing to ‘Active’ status properly
  • “Node is down” alert now triggers when three consecutive requests fail
  • Transactions where not displaying properly for mainnet experimental node

I see Desktop wallet has only 3 languages implemented (localized) so far?

Is this en-US.json
the source from which a translation in another language could be done?
Do you know it there will be more major changes aplied to this file?


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I can help with translation if you need some help with the Korean language. :slight_smile:

I have opt-in long time ago on desktop as well as mobile. Am I still opt-in and good to go? or should I update the opt-in wallet to stay opt-in?

It is unlikely there will be major changes short term, there may be a few minor ones.

The repo is open source so if anyone wishes to translate to other languages and issue a pull request, they can be reviewed and included :+1:

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Existing opt ins are still valid

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Hi DaveH

I hope you can help me! I have today updated the symbol wallet to 0.14.1 on the Mac!

And now when I start the Wallet I see only a white screen.

Can you tell me what to do?

The XEM I keep on the NEM Wallet and have also made the opt-in from there…if I send this now for example on Binance would that be a problem or do I get the XYM from Binance?

Or is that not possible because I have already done the opt-in from the NEM wallet and used the wallet address from the symbol wallet to get them? As I said before, I can not currently get to my symbol wallet.

I had the same issue - reported it on GitHub today: Wallet not displaying on Mac · Issue #1281 · nemgrouplimited/symbol-desktop-wallet · GitHub

You can still use the universal wallet through your web browser (

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If you have backup of all your profiles you can clear your cache (as written in github issue mentioned by SJM211)

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