NEM Symbol Release (15-Feb-2021)

NEM Symbol Release Announcement


As stated in the General Status Update 15-Feb-2021, we are pleased to announce the release of various components in the Symbol release.


  • Core, REST + SDKs releases are provided; fixing most known important issues

  • A Testnet fork will occur at Block 115500 (~16.00 Wed 17 Feb UTC)

  • In order to gain the benefit of the Improved inode usage (#152) you will need to resync the node, the fix should show improvement on disk usage on all operating systems not just Linux

  • NGL final stress test will not occur until after the fork

Release Components

The main release components are below:

The main 10 NGL nodes have been upgraded already, the remaining ~500 will be upgraded in batches over the next day or so.

Testnet Fork - Block Height 115500

As stated above and in previous posts, the for issue #151 totalFee < effectiveFee needs a fork to occur on Testnet. This release has the fork coded in and it will occur at block 115500.

No action should be necessary by node owners after upgrading the version, it should occur automatically. If you do not upgrade the node software before the fork your node will find itself on the weaker fork.

Currently the estimate for that block is ~16.00 Wed 17 Feb (UTC).

NGL Stress Testing

NGL will run a full stress test on this release once the Testnet has been upgraded and the fork has occurred. This requires at 2 epochs (12 hours) after the fork has happened due to rollbacks etc.

Give the times and time zones involved this is expected to start late morning on Thur 18 Feb 2021 (UTC) and run for approx 12 hours. There will then be several hours ramp down while the network recovers, this is typically 4 hours from past tests. After which the results can be assessed.

Launch and Snapshot Date

A new launch and snapshot date will not be selected until the Test completes, the network returns to normal and the results can be assessed.

Wallets & Explorer Performance Improvements

Some of the changes to REST in this release should improve Wallet and Block Explorer performance noticeably, to get the full benefit the next release of the wallets will also include further improvements.

Next/Additional Releases

The following additional releases are expected shortly:

  • Wallet(s) are expected in the next few days

  • A Node Registration CLI will allow node owners to include keys/key links in Genesis block so they can get the node online more easily at launch, this is expected in the next few days

  • Supernode programme on Testnet, the solution is going through final tests and is expected to be released this week for testing.

NEM Symbol Release Announcement:

A short while ago the below was posted on the public Slack channel:

Wayon Blair 22:43

Hi All,

  • The server is released.
  • This is a breaking release for the server. Fork height in testnet is set to 115500
  • Core testnet nodes have been upgraded.
  • Extra 500 nodes will be upgraded by region over the next day or so.

The api nodes endpoints are:

The faucets can be found at:

Explorer is here:

For those interested in testing out running a test network node :

Release [0.4.3] - Feb-15-2021 · nemtech/symbol-bootstrap · GitHub

How to Upgrade your Testnet Node (

Before upgrading, it’s recommended to backup your node’s target folder

Install the latest bootstrap:

npm install -g symbol-bootstrap

Peer Node Only

If you are running a Peer only node, run:

symbol-bootstrap start -p testnet -a peer --upgrade (-c myCustomPreset.yml)

The --upgrade option will recreate your server configuration, docker configuration, and upgrade the format of addresses.yml without dropping the existing data or generates keys.

Dual Node or API Node

If you are running an API or a Dual node, run:

symbol-bootstrap start -p testnet -a api --upgrade (-c myCustomPreset.yml)

symbol-bootstrap start -p testnet -a dual --upgrade (-c myCustomPreset.yml)

If you wish to reset to a new/clean testnet node, --reset instead of ‘–upgrade’ will clear up all your data and keys. The keys will be regenerated if you are not providing them with a custom preset. Note that a resync is likely to take >24 hours due to the size of the chain.

It’s worth double-checking that your docker services are running. Validate the services logs and check that your node’s keys and accounts are valid.

For new nodes, you can also follow: Running a Symbol Testnet Node

Symbol Release Notes

Core Server

Github: Release - 15-Feb-2021 · nemtech/catapult-server · GitHub (awaiting tags)

[] - 15-Feb-> 2021


  • tool: importer to populate database from block files
  • tool: verify to check the validity of blocks before import


  • breaking: fix overflow in CalculateTransactionFee, #151
  • recovery process needs to drop orphaned documents associated with previous block, #155
  • check linked public key (remote) instead of main public key, #142
  • minor issues: #153, #158, #159


  • allow storing multiple payloads per file in FileDatabase to reduce inode usage, #152


Github: Release v2.3.3 · nemtech/catapult-rest · GitHub

[v2.3.3] - 15-Feb-2021


  • Fixed duplicate alias names returned from namespace endpoint issue.
  • Fixed duplicated status results. The status is now retrieved by priority.


  • Set default connection pool size to 10.
  • Changed node/storage endpoint to use estimated counts from mongo collections.
  • Allow all transaction groups to be queried by cosigners.
  • Allow address aliases in web socket listener subscriptions.

SDK - TypeScript/JavaScript

Github: Release v0.23.2 · nemtech/symbol-sdk-typescript-javascript · GitHub

[0.23.2] - 15-Feb-2021

Milestone: Catapult-server main(

Package Version Link
SDK Core v0.23.2 symbol-sdk
Catbuffer v0.1.1 catbuffer-typescript
Client Library v0.11.1 symbol-openapi-typescript-fetch-client
  • Fixed subnamespaceId generation issue in NamespaceRegistrationTransaction.
  • Fixed mosaicRestrictionTransactionService error handling issue.
  • Fixed finalizationEpoch issue in the dto model.
  • Changed WebSocket listener subscription to use UnresolvedAddress without querying the rest-gateway.

Symbol Bootstrap

Github: Release [0.4.3] - Feb-15-2021 · nemtech/symbol-bootstrap · GitHub

[0.4.3] - Feb-15-2021

Milestone: Hippopotamus(

Package Version Link
Symbol Bootstrap v0.4.3 symbol-bootstrap
  • Added Core Dump files when dockerComposeDebugMode: true.
  • Added autocomplete support. Try symbol-bootstrap autocomplete and follow the instructions (Thanks @44uk).
  • Renamed supernode keywords for rewardProgram for clarification. Supernode is a type of Reward Program.
  • Voting is not required to enrol a program.
  • Renamed command from enrolSupernode for enrolRewardProgram.
  • Added preset configurable connectionPoolSize to the Rest Gateway configuration.
  • Removed Node Key Link transactions from nemesis and link command.

Symbol CLI

Github: Release v0.24.1 · nemtech/symbol-cli · GitHub

[0.24.1] - 15-Feb-2021


  • Updated Symbol-SDK to 0.23.2.

Testnet Fork Height Passed and Network Upgraded

Quick update on the progress of this release.

The network has now been upgraded and most nodes are running the new release. Thankyou to all those who upgraded, those who havent yet…plenty of time still!

The fork that was configured to happen at block 115500 happened earlier today, the network all looks stable and consistent so it has passed smoothly.

I will confirm the testing plans for next day or two shortly as well (just confirming some expected timings)


NGL Testing Plans (17-Feb-2021)

The next step is to conduct the NGL stress testing, indicative timings for this are below (these are subject to change as the tests run):

Thu 18 Feb

  • 9am UTC: Start a 100tps test, will to run for ~6 hours

  • 4pm UTC: Start a 400tps test, will run for ~8-10 hours and then ~3-4 hours for the network to settle.

Fri 19th Feb UTC - Sun 21st

  • Estimated testing completion time 4-8am Fri

  • After the above, testing results will be reviewed, the network will continue to be monitored for 24-48 hours to ensure nothing occurs as a longer term result of the testing.

Mon 22nd Feb UTC

  • Test results are published

Communications to expect

To be clear on what to expect in terms of minimum communications:

  • Thur am: Confirmation of the first test starting
  • Thur pm: Confirmation of the second test starting
  • Fri am: Confirmation of the tests completing and network returning to stability
  • Monday: Testing results published

In terms of the obvious questions around “when snapshot, when launch?” etc, this will not be communicated before Monday, it will take some time to assess the results and monitor the network


Thu 18-Feb-2021: 09:40 - 100 TPS Test Started

A short while ago the 100tps stress test commenced on Testnet. It is expect to last for ~6 hours

A reminder you can use the link below to see the current load on Testnet, it is a tool made by a community member for the NEMTus testing

Reminder, it measures the test load, not the network health (i.e. Red means network is barely doing anything):

  • Green: Load is high
  • Orange: Load is medium
  • Red: Load is light


Thu 18-Feb-2021: 16:00 - 100 TPS Test Complete

The test above has now completed, initial summary:

  • It put 2,160,000 transactions onto the Testnet at 100tps.
  • The load ran at approx 3-4k transactions per block from watching the tool above
  • The network handled the load
  • Small number (~2%) of nodes are reporting they are be behind, they look to be in the same location though. (see below)

There are a small number of community nodes that appear to be in the same hosting location which the REST API reports have fallen behind so we are just going to pause briefly to look at them before starting up the bigger test.

It looks like lower spec/slower nodes but we want to confirm before we start the next step. (edite


Thu 18-Feb-2021: 18:20 - 400 TPS Test Starting

The team have reviewed some of the community nodes and it appears to be an issue with server specifications/shared hardware.

The previous 400TPS test caused issues on known good nodes, the 100TPS test did not.

Therefore the testing will continue as planned. The team are preparing the next test run right now, it will take 30-45 mins to start and will then run for 8-10 hours.


Fri 19-Feb-2021: 07:00 - 400 TPS Test Complete

The 400TPS test finished at approx 05.00 UTC (2 hours ago). The network is now ramping down and will continue to be busy while the caches clear out. This isnlikely to take until 8.00-9.00 UTC.

An initial summary is below:

  • The test ran well, network has full blocks for the whole test and beyond (13 hours so far)
  • API-Broker crashing issue appears to have been resolved it was not seen visually by the team
  • NGL nodes did not have any crashes that we noticed anecdotally (logs analysis will confirm this by Mon)
    -The majority of the nodes appear to be in sync already (even while network is still ramping down)
  • A small number of nodes may be out of sync, these will be checked between now and Monday to confirm if they are, they may still come back as the ramp down completes
  • During stress a few things were noticed that we will be looking into but they do not appear major at this time, to be confirmed in full analysis

Note that this is an INITIAL summary, final results will not be available until Monday and require a fuller assessment


The Desktop and Mobile wallets have just been released as well:


Mon 22-Feb-2021: NGL Stress Testing Final Report - PASS

This is the last update I will add to this thread.

We have had confirmation from the testing team that the NGL Final Stress test results have now been assessed and no critical issues were found.

That means:

  • The 100TPS stress test passed successfully

  • The 400TPS stress test passed successfully

There were a few node failures in both tests but these have been looked with most of the owners and are all due to hosting provider, low specs, shared hosting solutions etc.

The tests have been useful to help tailor the minimum specifications for Mainnet which will be published imminently.