Symbol Launch - General Status Update (12-Feb-2021)

Anyway, it depends on the result of the test to be done in the future. I think so.


PS: Except that all those who push should participate more here. Sry…


It is likely to be 2.5 - 3 wks (still being confirmed) to ensure everything that needs to happen can happen and that external partners have the time required to enable integrations, listings, security processes etc.

There are also several tasks for the team to complete between testing pass and deploying the Mainnet, creating genesis block and that kind of thing


I think it would be better if the main net could be launched by March 16, FINSUM 2021.

And since Symbol is still not in the news in the major crypto media (outside of Japan), I think you should focus on PR activities.


Not sure, but some one suggested not to give a date until it is really final ? Sry …


2.5 / 3 weeks for the announcement or for the launch?

I think we can expect the snapshot for end of March 2021.

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Hey guys :slight_smile:
I think even if the symbol launch is delayed it’s not bad and maybe it is a good thing.
Reasons :

  1. You can still buy cheap Nem (after that it will be difficult)
  2. Nem will have more partnerships and good news before launch symbol so an even higher price when it is launched.
  3. The seriousness and the quality of symbol will be respected

Nope? Few days or a week before announcement about the possible launch date…



The FIN / SUM meeting in Japan with Nem and the Japanese government and Japanese banks for the presentation of Symbol as a blockchain solution as a financial solution is scheduled for March 16-18, 2020.
So for sure symbol will be in place before this date.
The current drop in the price of nem is fantastic for institutions that want to buy cheap nem before which the price increases.


How should we tolerate when nthng1 answers nothing?


By Randall Mann

My mother is scared of the world.
She left my father after forty years.
She was like, Happy anniversary, goodbye;

I respect that.
The moon tonight is dazzling, is full
of itself but not quite full.

A man should not love the moon, said Milosz.
Not exactly. He translated himself
into saying it. A man should not love translation;

there’s so much I can’t know. An hour ago,
marking time with someone I would like to like,
we passed some trees and there were crickets

(crickets!) chirping right off Divisadero.
I touched his hand, and for a cold moment
I was like a child again,

nothing more, nothing less.

Source: Poetry (April 2013)


Patch Testing Successful - Release Confirmed for 15-Feb-2021

I have updated the original post with a few indicators that I will try and update as we go through the process.

The weekend testing has passed successfully and we are preparing a release of Core Server, REST + SDKs which will contain a fork.

This will take a few hours and be released during the day Monday 15/02 UTC.


Symbol Release Announcement


какая примитивная речь. Виден почерк серьезного инвестора с 1000XEM:)

День добрый.Откуда Вы знаете)).Может 1000 xem,может 2,может 1000000 ))
Я просто говорю про факты.Не надо Людей нервировать.
Есть трудности конечно. Да процесс это нелегкий - все это понимают,но зачем анонсы делать - а потом переносить,переносить.
Вопрос только в этом.))))

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Just a quick confirmation that the fork has now passed the configured block and the network appears to be stable and consistent.

It will be given ~12 hours minimum to move on from the fork before any load testing. I will post an update on the release confirming the test plans in the next few hours


Exact testing plans now provided as well


Dear all, is there a XEM/XYM blockchain explorer where would be able to monitor when snapshot takes place?
Thank you in advance!



The NIS1 block explorer:

When it passed the snapshot block height, snapshot has happened.

Behind the scenes a reference node will be stopped at that height, we will wait for 360 blocks (get clear of rollbacks) and then it will be used as the data source for the extraction.

Also Peersyst have a counter: