Telegram crypto chat is trash

Just went into Telegram, went to an Alt coin chat , I wont say which one, but after not being in those chats for so long you realise how bad it is, pretty much a bunch of school kids posting .gifs and scammers calling any critique fud… people totally clueless talking as if experts.
Also scammers pming me for “deals”… uuughh
If this is the way crypto is going, I feel the partys over.
Reminded me a lot of 2017, but people seem to be even more ignorant this time round.


Ill also add that this particular Alt coin has been very popular over the recent 12 months, yet after browsing a bit I could not really see it doing much that Nem isn’t doing and in reality Nem has been doing this stuff much, much longer, with much larger entities.

Can you guess the coin?


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No, and I will probably not mention it, since I already said some stuff, so it will indeed forever remain a secret.

Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash channel…where the places with more fanboys inside.

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No I have never frequented such channels.
Actually I have never been in a BitcoinCash or Ethereum chat.

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