The Foundation "Bylaws"

I’ve noticed a number of foundation people claim that the election process is set in stone due to the foundation bylaws. This has been response to nearly every election criticism from rejecting POI to charging a 500 XEM fee to vote.

What they are being less clear about is that there is an amendment process in the bylaws. The bylaws can be changed via a special resolution passed by at least 75% of the voting Council members. In fact, this amendment process has been used to modify the current election process. This has recently been brought to my attention by a founding council member.

In the original bylaws, only council members were to be directly electable. Executive Committee members (President, VP, etc) were to be voted on by the newly elected council members. However, the foundation recently passed an amendment that makes Executive Committee members directly electable only for the current election.


Oh god like things are not already complicated with (crypto) market and direction which nem is taking. Idiotic red tape governing obstacles wont help current situation.

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Jesus fuck…can they start being transparent about anything ? Like anything ?



Meanwhile @ NEM Blockchain Center ----

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The farce about this whole thing is that the council should have stopped making anymore decisions or changes and set up an election committee that is independent during this period as has been recommended to them, but they went against this advice.


It’s hard not to agree with you on this point :wink:

The worst thing: no one actually has bylaws. They are to be sent to members, but no one is approved yet.
Best option would be to change bylaws (whatever is in them), vote with POI as always(!). We can keep KYC memberships to be true members by law and everything, just skip it with the vote.


Thank you for sharing this @Jaguar0625 The whole situation seems to be an utter mesh, causing angst in the community and driving division between people at the very time we need to be pulling together and helping you.

The Foundation remains accountable to the community it should not see itself above the community, that would be very dangerous and ultimately lead to its demise. The original proposal was written and approved by the community based on a PoI vote and funds allocated.

Original membership for the foundation was advertised a year ago but nothing appears to have happened in processing those memberships until last month. Now many things have changed by a few in a very short timescale behind closed doors. I can’t help feeling this has been poorly planned and even more poorly executed. The best thing now is for a deferral of elections until the constitution is sorted out, shared with the community and agreed. Then and only then should the elections proceed. If this requires an emergency meeting of the council then so be it.


but nothing appears to have happened in processing those memberships until last month.

exactly what i have observed too. Lots of time has passed since i sent my “membership registration”, all I got is a reminder someday, even though I did all the needed steps back then…

And now, for the election, it has been announced in a hurry… and planned in a hurry as well, totally agree with you.

A planned election would not have upset 12k Nembers. Specially when what we are voting for, is the people who are supposed to represent the community. If the community doesnt feel involved in the proposal, they will pick a president which is the “least bad”… STOP THIS!