The future of the forum

I can’t imagine that old problems will be solved with a new community channel.
Mmmhh, … a decentralised blockchain with a handful of community managers who centrally control all community channels ?
Up to now, there has been nothing at all to read about this development here in the forum. This raises further questions, even if they are uncomfortable.


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OK, for me we have reached the low point here again. No information for the community, no information about the rebuild on Github and this in an official forum which should provide important information.
The forum is a first point of contact for many people who are looking for trustworthy information.




Your points are valid, everything is ongoing / in-progress, we’ll update once we migrate things.


I saw a post on Slack about publicity. Maybe this should be discussed a bit more.

Now the question is, what does this actually mean?

We have with the successor of NIS1, the Symbol Blockchain(catapult), a further development that is opensource.
Actually, a further development should build on a strong predecessor, which is still present and holds its position. Unfortunately, many here see it differently.
At the launch, decisions were made that now seem to have been taken back.

In order to receive up-to-date information, normal users are forced to join Discord. We already had a similar development with Telegram. “Nem-chats”, for example, were suddenly closed.
It didn’t help too much, because it didn’t attract new users. All that took place was a relocation of the same users.
Personally, I am also no longer willing to waste my time searching for answers for NIS1 / Symbol , in any chats, likeTwitter, etc.

Official information should be freely accessible and up-to-date. For everyone, without having to register somewhere. That’s exactly what this forum is for.

This is not the case.

This is an unacceptable state of affairs.



I completely agree.
Efforts were done to collect questions from the community in a google doc. As the reaction above from two weeks ago, three individuals published a handbook, are working on these questions and preparing answers and promised they will be shared with the community/public in a transparent way.

For me, discord does not seem to be the right tool for an attempt to provide any transparency.
I would expect the handbook, the questions and the answers to be shared on the official website and other official project channels such as here on the forum!


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