The Hot Air Balloon Business Model

Hello Nemers

I’ve put up a business model on my website feel free to use any of the ideas to think about your own business plan. It took me years to fine tune and it is applicable to any business or non profit organisation that has staff and customer/stakeholders delivering real or virtual products.

I’m releasing exclusively to this forum Qbitrex’s business plan which will can be seen on this temporary google docs link. For those naysayers who reckon “I’m breaking every known law of physics” I’m not breaking any just bending them as much as quantum effects will let you.

I’ve been busy learning the FPGA programming language Verilog to program my Mojo board which has a Xilinx Spartan 6 on it which just hammers! FPGA programming is a different mindset everything happens in parallel and at blinding speed. It’s my own little quantum laboratory and I’d live in it if my bride would let me. There’s a video of it on the front page of