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Hi NEM Community!

I’d like to get some feedback from everyone regarding the ways NEM could potentially help revolutionise the transport/daily commute sector. Since the blockchain now allows for people to create their own trusted payment solutions (XEM) and decentralised platforms so data cannot be manipulated I was thinking a project that can help fit more people in fewer cars.

I am currently working on this concept myself and would love some feedback from all the community as your input would help tailor the service so that NEM is the basis for its success.

Check the website at and let me know if people agree with this idea!

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How will you prevent Uber or any of the big players from just doing the same thing ? Whatever that thing is because it’s not clear to me from the website :confused: Sorry.

Hi Memario,

Sorry I’ll explain in further detail- Mobi is a carpooling application that connects drivers and riders travelling in the same direction to offset the cost for the driver and provide a cheap solution of travel for the rider. How does this differ from Uber? Uber’s drivers are there to make a profit from the commute, whether this be from regular commutes or surcharged trips (Mobi doesn’t surcharge prices).

We are based in Australia where 6.5 million people travel to work on a daily basis by car. Imagine being able to put the single drivers in the car with each other, 4 seats in one car yet most commuters travel alone. Connecting only 10% of them is 650,000 cars off the road!

Perhaps our proposal may help explain this better- AMENDED Mobi Project Summary

Thanks for replying too!

So it’s more of a “collaboration” than a taxi service ? I.e. if I’m going to Melbourne and you’re going to Melbourne we might as well drive together, compared to, hey I need to go to Melbourne, I’ll pay you to drive me ?


In addition to this, Mobi is currently developing partnerships with employers to help facilitate a carpooling platform within their workplace so colleagues can carpool to work.

By becoming familiar with large organisations and offering a service that will benefit their employee base, we can essentially integrate Mobi within each workplace, making it difficult for other players to enter the market.

To make it more appealing for users and organisations, we have completely tailored the app for commuters, so they can schedule rides and chat with others.

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Exactly! So a common work commute is from Geelong to Melbourne, in which 12,000 make this commute on a daily basis. The average commuting cost for the driver is roughly $21. That’s including parking, tolls and fuel consumption.

Now if we can connect two drivers into one car we are not only decreasing the expenses for both parties we are also helping the environment by putting fewer vehicles on the road.

We have an integrated chat platform, payment portal (Which we hope to transfer to XEM) and weekly calander, GPS mapping which will hopefully make this easy for users!

I hope this helps to explain the idea a bit better.

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Much appreciated ! This does make it far more clear for me.

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No problem, we’ll keep everyone up to date with the progress, if you wanted to join our telegram I’ll attach the link below. Meanwhile any feedback you may think will be appropriate to creating a successful launch would be amazing! (telegram chat)

Thanks again for your response!