Trying to navigate threads with over 2000 posts

I have a problem when I click on threads that have a lot of posts, it takes me to the first post which is handy if it is a reasonable sized thread, yet if the thread has thousands, I find it hard to get to the last post?

Any Ideas?

When you click on topic from list you should go to last unread post.
For example when I click “Paste you address here for beta NEM…” from list:
then you go to:

If you from some reason you are not on last post you can modify url after slash to big enought (bigger than amount of posts in this thread) number.
For example:

when you change to:
You should go to last post.

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Yeah the first one, I clicked on that and it took me to post 753 or something…
For some reason it does not go to the last post.
I just found if I click on the timestamp on the right, I think it says “16hrs” then that takes me to the last post.
Might be my browser.

Another way to navigate the thread is too use the post number indicator on the right
where it says for example 10/117.
Moving the mouse over that part will show you arrows cursor then you can
drag (press and keep the button) then move mouse up or down depending which post you want to read.
You are actually scrolling the page without moving the content until you release the mouse button.

This works on desktop i have never tried on tabled or mobile device.

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