Uniku.io - Harvest and get free NFTs

Uniku.io enables you to to harvest and earn free NFTs at the same time without extra effort.

Everyone who will harvest on the uniku node for at least 30 days, will get a free NFT.

Node: go.uniku.io

Equal opportunities for everyone. It doesn’t matter how many tokens* you have, but who is the fastest. Because the slots are limited.
*minimum of 10k XYM is required to harvest on the Symbol blockchain

First series of NFTs will be dedicated to the core devs of NEM NIS1 and Symbol due to the recent launch of the new blockchain Symbol.

Here is a preview of the @jaguar0625 NFT.

More series and information will be announced over time.
For more infos visit our Telegram chat


Hey Nembers,

Harvesting is open.
We already have 3 account harvesting for NFTs so far.

Here you see a preview of the next NFT of @BloodyRookie


What’s up Nembers,

here is a preview of the third and last NFT of the CORE DEV Series.

Soon will the website uniku.io be finish. Stay tuned!

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the website uniku.io is now live! Have a look :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

The first NTFs are almost completely harvested. :see_no_evil:


Hello, your node is not updated, looks like this is a quite urgent thing to to: Symbol mainnet upgrade

Please, update it :pray:

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Thank you for the info. I have already updated it :hugs:

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