Visions of real seer about Cryptomarket

I decided to translate in short visions about cryptomarket of seer from Poland, he publishes on Youtube under Nazar Tarot Ibraimov name.

For nearest future he sees that China will start arrest peoples related with Bitcoins mining, that wil cause “flood of Bitcoins” and massive dump.
The whole cryptomarket capitalisation will be affected by that flood, which is natural consequence.

In further steps China will start “digital juan”, this asset will be releated with “disk space” not with mining process like in case of Bitcoin.

Russia will follow that move of China. This will be real war with crypto and in this year China and Russia will be winners of this war. For further future however he sees invasion of Russia on Poland and Europe. How scary for me as a citizen of Poland.

We will see if this seer is good, i know that he is, but i want to present his possibilities also here;)

He foresaw correct many things until now in my country.

Elon Musk probably knew about this treat and acted like we saw in current month. So if this vision will fullfil cryptopumpers have last chances to pump small coins and dump on FOMO players…

Other vision of other seer - Wojciech Glanc

He predicts renewing bubble in crypto soon.

But he is not so good as Krzysztof Jackowski and Nazar Ibraimov. Those two sees all diffrent, much more pessimistic for BTC and altcoins.

Nazar Tarot Ibraimov, said that China will attack BTC by arresting all miners and persons trading. He give 2-3 months from the end of May to that action.

The later the better for us, speculators. Cryptobubble has some space to grow quickly, because people are looking place to hide in circumstnaces of inflation. Of course crypto is imho bad place to hide perpetual, but speculators if will play good may do significant money and hide in gold or in palladium. I think and feel that crisis will be much more visible somwhere in July/August. Now there is still hope among people, that crisis is over, but this was only beginning of world crisis.

Nostradamus wrote, that in XXI century fifty years will be in crisises (that time started probably in 2008/9) and recoveries. Every recovery will be weaker and weaker until the third world war(2039?). The time of world war is counted still as time of crisis predicted by Nostradamus - until the end of this war in 2059.

One thing is for sure, world war three wont last 20 years. Somethings off here.

I would be not so sure;)

Nostradamus described that why. Nuclear weapon will be used, but not in scale that will destroy all sides of this conflict. Beside that during this conflict will be stages of peace, but caused by cosmic catastrophes (two events like this).

This man predicted Napolleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and third bad person for us - should be so called Mahdi (islamic Mesiah) - Muhhamad ibn Sams. All is known to the current rulers of the world (not for their puppets). This is the reason why they try to avoid this by “plandemia”, funny thing is that it only makes the prophecies nearer to fulfil :slight_smile:

Many will call third world war as attack of Russia on Ukraine and conflict with NATO (time is near), but this will be only preludium and making room for new force - islamic force.

And what with “worlds policeman” USA? They lossing ground year after year, this process will be faster in current decade. Everyone will see this changes and growing might of China (future ally of Mahdi and Caliphate).

I dont say to believe in that of course. I write only what i know from my own interpretations of Nostradamus, neglected by many, laughed by many, intentionally produced year by year to show that will not fulfil, but i have few of them fulfiled before the event, not after, so i assume that many should be fulfiled in this century.

Even in letters to the Queen of France Nostradamus described what will be in my country 500 years after his death. Many will laugh until it fulfil :smiley:

Nazar says in last vlog that crisis will strike in June in Germany and after that in Japan and even in China. Dollar will be unexpected king (will be even too strong). Yen will be fooked to the ground - many problems in Japan including food problems, weak Euro and British Pound. CommerzBank will bankrupt and after that some bank in Poland. Huge problems in my country in mid of July (financial, budget).

In this circumstances renewing of cryptobubble in Summer is impossible, before that vision he said cryptocurrencies should be sold in June!

Main theme of last vision is Russian aggression on Poland and Europe in November 2021. Personally i doubt in this vision, but let’s observe.

I am not laughing about you. I think it is highly probable that the human body has some senses most are not aware of and cannot use.

But predicting the whole future to some degree with a more or less accurate timeline would mean that at least key events are fixed in time and cannot be changed by random events. I would find that somewhat concerning.

Any more insights in these cosmic catastrophes? What could their nature be? Aliens, Asteroids, exploding stars?

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Just delete this and we’ll pretend it didn’t happen. :man_facepalming:

What up gypsy, not getting it?


First cosmic event is described as “seventh rock” (rock round as seven of “greek stadions”) and according to Nostradamus it will hit somwhere in Atlantic Ocean two years after start of the “great war” (i assume that will be in 2039 or 2041 but this is very complicated when it comes to “translate” dates of lithurgy used by Nostradamus, he made some traps for interpretators) or in the second year of this war. It will stop hostilities between every side of this conflict for some time (nuclear winter). After renewing of warfare it will occur second cosmic event (around 2050) related with unknown planete - disruptive for Earth cycle and axis of rotation. This will change everything in this war. Victorious until that time Mahdi will be defeated by Henry The Merry (Selin- tamer of Muslims) in the great battle of Ulm.

All of this was known to the interpretators in the previous century, but they mismatched few things in translations and dates of so called lithurgy and that caused the whole story to be broken. But who knows good all works of Nostradamus knows also, that he is not mistaken, only interpretators.

And from which source had Nostradamus his predictions. He said that by the “Almighty” until 3797 year. The Almighty and Creator of the whole universe realise his plan and i assume that is the reason why person like Nostradamus can predict something in the very long run. All is determined by the will of “Creation Source” in that case.

I dont know personally if things work like this or not. All i know is that he predicted many things in the distant and even nearer of us past.

In 90’s of XX century i was also sceptical like @Stinghe_Dorian :slight_smile:

Now i am only curious if i can live so long to observe all that things described by Nostradamus, and interpreted by me personally. Sad thing is that this predictions consists many problems for humanity in the comming years and decades.

In the history of Human no peace lasts forever.


Les simulacres d’or & argent enflez,
Qu’apres le rapt au lac furent gettez
Au desouvert estaincts tous & troublez.
Au marbre script prescript intergetez.

The copies of gold and silver inflated,
which after the theft (of the value) were thrown into the lake,
at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt.
All scripts and bonds will be wiped out.

I assume it will occur in 2036, unfortunately not in current year :wink:

copies of gold and silver = FIAT money (latin simulacra)

Presage 16.172

Before the (chinese) year of the Fire Serpent, (before 2037)
The so far resilient Dragon (China) will choke on his own mammon,
From the secretive supporter of the northern Bear (Russia)-
In the twenty-first(century) he will become an ally of Neptune (USA)
This is how there will be a bizarre alliance of red and blue,
The two big ones in money and trade will soon be joined by a common bankruptcy!

China is not yet ally of USA (yep its odd), it will be after peacful seizing of Taiwan by China (with treacherous approval form USA) and reuniting of Korea (also incredible for many now) as neutral state without regular army (under protectorate of China and USA). I dont want to translate now in english all those texts, but so is that formulated in these “presages”.

Proof that presages that i own fulfill some time after publishing it (so was not wrote after event like many other predictions).

The party of the “oratorical Bastarn” (Tusk) will rule for a long time.
(ruled in 2007-2015)
And those on the left and those on the right bank of the Vistula.
His unexpected departure will cause confusion.(2014)
The red and blue parties will soon take power, (PiS, SP, PR as Unified Right)
The Crisis and the New Persecutions will make the Friar’s words easier!
An even greater division will bring the country to the brink of disaster!
November 20, 2012

Forum where it was published is liquidated but the second text (in polish) still exists on the other forum:

in the post 507 of Atraktor there is:


Great Joy after the victory of the elder (Kaczyński) and the religious (friar Rydzyk),
Fear and Terror in the eyes of the rulers and their opponents,
(rest of opposition from left wing)
New Coalition of existing; supporters and enemies,
(Jarosław Gowin and Zbigniew Ziobro were not always in “love” with Kaczyński)
He will seize power over the Vistula River, not given to them by God and the Nation! (falsified elections!)

Without knowing about political situation in Poland You will probably not understand many things of this “presages”, but i assure You that almost all is fulfiled in 2015 after elections (a little bit falsified to make new coalition easier to form, i suspect external intelligence). Donald Tusk (prime minister) unexpected went away in 2014 and became so called “president” of UE.

I wrote almost all is fulfiled because:

“The Crisis and the New Persecutions will be made by Friar’s words easier!
An even greater division will bring the country to the brink of disaster!”

this is yet to fulfil in my poor country…

I think crisis will start this Summer (i can be mistaken, time is not specified by Nostradamus) with rulership crisis in coalition and with financial problems of budget and with banks.

This crisis will be part of bigger crisis in European Union and in the whole world.

For my country this crisis is described as a part of bigger picture in the omen 69

O Slavic people of Mary!
When Satan reigns over your minds -
the blood of one blood will flow in streams,
For two opposing tribes, the older and the younger -
will meet in a murderous grip of hostility …/.
Because when Bacchus (socialism, genderism and other forms of -isms) ignites a fire of hatred in them on the Vistula River -
The son will become the father’s enemy, and the daughter of his mother -
and the brother is the killer of the brother, and the sister is the killer of the sisters, …
But before by the participation of Gryffon (EU) and Atlanteans(USA) -
all power of the party (PiS) and the church will collapse,
And the temples of Christ will be plundered and destroyed. -
for it will come as a result of the delusional rule of the “righteous” …
First, then, will be awakened the Great Joy of the fervent-,
and then the mourning and the Great Sorrow of the compliant will come to them …/.
Until, finally, the money crisis will bring to power for a short time
for the second time the numerous supporters of mustachioed man (Wałęsa) - supporters of treason …/.
After them - as a result of a shameful rebellion and assassination -
a general allied with them will achieve a secret goal …
Before the third war, already as the ruler of the new Lechistan,
And a steadfast follower of victorious Islam …/.
Become over time a staunch supporter of the Great Taliban,
And an advocate of his cruel and vengeful leader … /.
Finally, he will transform his country with the help of the shahids and their commander,
Into the allied kingdom of the Prophet Muhammad and his turbans …
This, then, will be the result and the beginning of the construction,
… His (Slavic people of Mary) Great Power, Glory and Renewal!

Thanks for the heads up @ormurinlangi, To be honest an asteroid impact does not sound too exciting but this unknown planet stuff is something to look out for.

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Dude… what’s wrong with you?

We all have the one or other slip, but what you let off here. OMG

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Krzysztof Jackowski seems to have right (I wrote somwhere in this forum, that he foresaw correct top of BTC in March, not precise ATH but not much difference). He predicted in May dip of BTC (that dip in 23May, i watched him on his yt channel few days before that date) and ETH, next there was some bump. After this bump/correction (so he said) new dip should be made with another one bump, after that there will be winter in crypto - as usual, capitulation phase after bubble.

Winter is good for accumulating cheap before the next bubble.


I have no problem since i know that humanum errare est and insipientis in errore perseverare and i can be wrong. You cant, so is Your problem :wink:


The ancient Greeks would turn around in the grave …

…mmhh … Yep … but in the End we have many true seers … :

" Paul the Octopus - Wikipedia " … look at 2010 FIFA World Cup …

Nazar Tarot Ibraimov foresaw that perfectly too, but arrests for people behind mining and trading of BTC and other cryptocurrencies is ahead of us, question of the comming weeks/months.

… that is why the predictions of Paul and Nazar have the same place value ?