WARNING to Community


I have been with NEM for many years and thoroughly enjoyed spectating & the telegram community. That is what my warning is about, you see NEM currently has this issue where the discussions have moved away from message boards and forums such as reddit & NEM forum.

Now much of the discussion is done via Telegram this creates a huge problem with properly archiving questions and discussions that are unseen to the public and potential speculators on the tokens. This is a huge problem and NEM has already decided they need a community engagement program to repair the community.

Telegram migrates the community there and makes the forums and reddit appear dead which gives the disillusion that a project has no community! I have seen this happening more and more for years now, something must be done and @rb2nem brought up many good point in another thread & I believe we are thinking similarly and have grown tired of watching the NEM community slowly appear to dwindle as all discussion has pretty much moved to Telegram. It’s not good when other inferior projects appear better to speculators because they see more activity on their forums and reddit.

I don’t know the solution but I see other people have noticed this issue and I can’t stand to see NEM being looked over from a precieved lack of community.

How do people think we resolve this?


NEM official make the NEM Forum a main place for discussion.Others as an informal place to discuss.


Its fantastic to see more of these kinds of posts and subjects coming, we are definitely watching and trying to work any ideas into the plan that is being written.

Do please contribute to these threads! There are a few just now, linking them all in comments from each other:

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I’m totally with you @Rat. Telegram is such a shitshow anyway. It’s very hard to have any meaningful chat there because of all the trolling, moderation and cross talk. Apart from what you mentioned, other benefits of the forum include:

  • Threads allow for greater depth of conversation and a record to avoid repeats topics.
  • Moderation is done by the community which removes the single point of attack that trolls found in telegram. If you get silenced in the forum it’s more democratic so you can stfu or gtfo.
  • Can draw attention to interesting things happening on NEM
  • The format tends to encourage more thoughtful and edited posts

As a strategy, it should be good to analyze what benefit does the telegram channel bring (over forum) and what are the costs. Then develop a new strategy that aims to keep the benefits and mitigate the costs. Telegram was a big thing back in 2017 but literally the only reason i use it now is to communicate with nem related folk. Seriously.

Of course there will be a lot of pushback on any changes, but if we lead by example and keep bringing the quality conversations here and direct people to here from the tg, it will happen by itself. For me personally, I barely check Red anymore. It’s always some variation of when catapult and finger-pointing. Cool Story Bro!


Yeah I have avoided supporting Telegram lately because I have seen what it is doing & has done to a lot of projects. It also makes scamming of users & shilling terrible scam projects easier for third parties. It’s not a great use for cryptocurrency projects in my experience, I believe it is good for reaching new people but discussions need to take place elsewhere preferably on the forums or Reddit where people can more easily participate and grow the community organically and more visibly.


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