When does this become a problem?

So when does our Nano wallet become too confusing for people outside of the NEM sphere?


Yeah, I noticed that a while ago and messaged an admin here about it.

One thing that I first noticed is when you enter “Nanowallet” into Google, this wallet is the first that appears in the results.
This is most probably because the website for this wallet is called “nanowallet.io”, so in fact it will be far more prominent in Google web crawler results for that reason alone, as the Nem “Nanowallet” resides well at the bottom on the main page under “downloads”.

So they can just legally use the name Nano wallet?
I just read that “Nano” used to be “Raiblocks” (rebranded in January 2018), yet the “Nanowallet” website makes little if any mention of the actual coin “Nano”, and anounces it has nothing to do with the “Nano coin” foundation.
It only makes mention of “Nano” transactions", (which could just be referring to the wallet), though they don’t make mention of any other coin either so I guess it is used to transact/store “Nano” coins.

Good post.

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Confusion aside, I meant that in a more figurative way. I think it will soon enough become a branding image problem, next to the ones that will be confused either way.

To me it’s similar to Microsoft naming their new Windows OS “Apple”. It’s just a name, and it wouldn’t change the fact that it’s still a Windows OS, but besides the fact that it will probably confuse some people, it would forever reference/hint at one of their competitors.

Yeah like they outright pinched the NanoWallet name 5 months ago.
It does not “hint” to any competitor, most folk have a 5 minute attention span.
It is an outright marketing ploy to lure new comers to their crappy defected wallet.
Also they have stuff in Github, code it or lose it.
I will be happy to see this scam crash and burn (which it will do before the end of year)


It was already posted: NanoWallet application name

In my opinion we should change name. First on page, next start using new name in all other place like Twitter, tutorials, Facebook and so on.
In free time I can prepare pull request to change name in repo but first should be decided what name exactly (NEM Wallet?). Could someone run discussion on @nemred?

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Yes this is a marketing issue.
For example would “Apple” have been so successful if it was called “Grapefruit”?
Would “Microsoft” have been so successful if it was rebranded “Macrohard”?

Actually I kind of like “Grapefruit” as a name but you know what I mean…

So Lets say if “Apple” was rebranded as “Lemon”; this is a simpler explanation.

Also my input would be these few points, maybe some Nem Red guys will read:

1.) Why does it have to be Nem and not Xem?
2.) It is much more than a wallet (true or not)?
3.)Why are simple conservative naming conventions preferred (or not preferred)?
4.) Is simple good when it is simple or do successful simple names actually hold a far more meaning than we first perceive.

Example of point (4).
1.)Round sweet fruit that also has a wholesome simplicity to it.
2.) Adam and eve.
3.) Alan Turing.

1.) Well at first it is a river and rivers hold a great deal of meaning in the flow of life.
2.) It is a jungle, one of the most diverse on the planet (shopping jungle?).
3.) Its big, expansive.


57 minutes ago
There might be some confusion since the wallet of another coin ( can’t remember which, need more coffee:) is also called Nano. There is only 1 Nem wallet however.

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As far as I know decision has been made. NanoWallet name will be changed.

Does that make it easier to use or just change the name?

This topic is about changing name :wink:

LOL OK no problem

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