When Mobile Wallet?


2019 and there is again no way to send mosaics via mobile.

@Mark_Price is possibly on holidays as he’s not been around lately. He and his team had developed meteor wallet, which I’m told was great. Now it is gone from the app store again. Does anybody know why?

@jabo38, you were involved with the wallets before, is there something being planned by the foundation or will it need to be done from outside? I think we could probably get the meteor wallet back on there for pretty cheap.

Is this something possibly Nem Ventures @kodtycoon could own? Just spitballing here, where does it fit, who should pay for it?

I say all this now because I wanted to throw together a quick and dirty token economy for a friend to get kids using blockchain economies in school using NEM, but can’t. Anything not on mobile may as well not exist for average users.

In my view, this is the main application or interesting feature of NEM (and maybe blockchain as a whole, but that’s another discussion), that is anyone-can-make-'em crypto-economies. Without a mobile wallet, it just doesn’t really work. This would be a quick-and-cheap win for improve adoption/retain adopters and should be taken care of.


Just to throw this out there but if you fork NEMPay it can show mosaics for mobile.
At least on Android it can. Planning to work on an IoS one shortly.


it is out named is meteor wallet


Actually its no longer in the App Store. So no, Meteor wallet is no longer a viable alternative.


FYI this is a discussion threat started this morning, @jabo38 is leading the team to develop a new mobile wallet and is looking for input, if you’d like to join the discussion.


Yes this is on the books as the role of interim CTO to work on this.

This is an interesting idea if it falls within the ambit of NEM Ventures. If the mobile wallet can equate to a separate legal entity which has a sound business model, being backed by NEM Ventures will be fantastic.


If I build out a Mobile Wallet will you give me a boatload of NEMs ?

But yes agree this would be good for NEM Ventures.


Wallet (client) discussions are happening in nem2.slack.com on #sig-client channel. This is part of new PMC-based catapult development structure detailed here. Developments are expected to be collaborative and not led by any single entity (e.g. foundation). All interested parties are welcome to contribute.


Apologies, was just bringing the question over from Telegram to here. No intention to overstep.
Do we need to request access to the Slack channel, and if so where should we direct the request?


Anyone should be able to just join the slack channel afaik.


Yup, here is an invite for anyone who wants! @LauraBKK @Flash_Gordon


Ok, thanks. From the discussion on slack it appears that there is no development ongoing for a nem1 mobile wallet which makes sense. Catapult desktop wallet is still being developed and only when that is ready will an open source mobile wallet for catapult be done. This is not really what I’m asking though.

There is an opensource wallet for nem1 which has mosaic support sitting on github unused. (meteor wallet). why does some part of the nem core infrastructure not pick this low hanging fruit and get it back on the app store?


Meteor Wallet was open sourced and was a great wallet. Better than the Foundation built wallet.

NEM Wallet Pro on Android is a nice wallet for Android and supports Mosaics.

Raccoon Wallet for iOS I think also does support Mosaics but unfortunately, it isn’t all in English.

I’m thinking about reaching out to the devs of both of these wallets and see if they would like to be listed on the website.

For the Catapult mobile wallet, I have been working on a mobile design for the last two weeks with a nice designer and it will be MUCH better than anything we had in the past. I’ll submit the design to the PMC for feedback this month.


We have our sights forward on to Catapult and with the limited funds if we have a dev that could either launch Meteor or a Catapult wallet, I would rather focus on Catapult.

Also, Meteor still had a few more things that needed to be done/updated.


Will wait for your App to be released, wanna try it!