When will a modified version of the Symbol platform homepage be launched in Japanese?

Due to a flawed Japanese translation, the Japanese version was once removed from this homepage.

Now about two weeks have passed since this deletion, and there is no sign of the Japanese version being launched again.
There are rumors that a Japanese volunteer has been involved in the translation since the deletion.
(I learned this from an exclusive Japanese source.)

But after two weeks, I still don’t see any progress on the NGL side.

Is the Japanese version of the website finished? Or is there a reason why we can’t publish it yet? I’d like to hear the reason clearly.

We Japanese are always looking for transparency in our organizations. I don’t write these articles just for the sake of blame.

We’re looking for ideas on how to create a better website and a platform for criticism.


See also

(It’s dishonest for NGL not to make a reply.)

Thanks to GodTanu for posting Dave Mansell’s reply - please find the additional post from yesterday to add more information about website next steps.