Where can I use blockchain

Hi, I want to use the blockchain technology for my business. I’m engaged in logistics. After reading the articles:

I realized that the blockchain technology and smart contracts can improve the efficiency of my company. Tell me how we can use this in logistics?

I could rattle off some points like tracking goods, vehicle maintenance, invoicing and payment.
Yet I am only a few pages into my “Blockchain 101” book, so my indepth knowledge is sparse, I really need to catch up on my reading.
There is a project I know that has been granted funds from the foundation recently and it is called “BlockGrain”.
It would indeed incorporate a lot of logistics, (well you would think so, as logistics is the backbone of primary industry).
In saying that I do not like the fact that BlockGrain have indeed left a lot of the mechanics out of their solution/explanation… rather secretive imho.

Do a search, look the guys up, you might even be able to get some info from their telegram channel or direct email.

In the case of logistics or anything else for that matter, blockchain can be used to link your peers and branches, you can use it to track payments from any customer and can use it to let the customer track any package. You can use it to store and keep an account of what items are in the hub which is available.
(Not sure about this) But you can keep scammers away if that is even a thing. Every hub is interconnected and will have access to the records and transactions of your company. And since the transactions and data are encrypted, I would say it is on another level of security. The interconnection between your hubs can help you trace any fraud if necessary.

I hope this helps!

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