Where is Alex and that?

I know she has started her sabatical and all but I thought she we super passionate about the project. She certainly said she was. The last time she was active is over a month ago now I thought she would still hang around and chime in on occassion given her passion. Maybe I was wrong. Barely seen any of the last Foundation since.

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according to the post of Jeff in this topic: “Let’s hope it’s NOT MONEY” - Alex Tinsman intention for aiming the highest office

She was asking for 15K a month to be “director of communication” (not even president).

I can’t imagine how much she gaves to herself and give to her friends and relative when she was president lol.

But she was in NEM for the Passion ofc :slight_smile:

She also get 6 months paid holiday with a 5 figures monthly wave for all that passion.

PS: According to her NEM Forum profil, she was last connected on 17/04. The passion of NEM

15 f*cking thousand a month :open_mouth:
That’s a one year salary in some European countries.

I have passion for money too but nobody would give me such amount. :frowning:

As I go on to mention in that thread, whoever posted that screenshot was posting fake news; I’m assuming to be a troll.

I negotiated a significantly lower salary at that time and didn’t pay $15k a month.

And as I said, at the same time the same job on a different blockchain had a salary of $20k a month, and I personally think Alex did a much better job than Amanda.

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It is interesting to see how money splits the mind.
Did you also ask Lon Wong the same question?

I think it’s time to stop blaming each other.
It’s time to look ahead.


She played her role

May come to play a role again

Now, let’s hope for her health and development


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