Why are we crashing so hard right now?

Dose anybody have background info on xem/nem development and what info m8 have lead to drop? I think that some sell out to get into iota but that m8 be to simple, just my idea.

It’s very simple. When bitcoin moons, alternatives crash. Have you not noticed this trend before?

I did, but nem is a bit diffrent and only lost hard throw major sales. it was quit nice during btc mooning phase. iota also gets to moon. what i think is that many go into iota because of low volume with only about 3bio. and are looking to go fast up to some dollars. tell me if iam am wrong but is iota simillar to nem or am i missinformed?
Nem will go up longturn anyway. Good time to get more for node. Sry for poor engl.

NEM can solve Internet Of Things use case too, look at comsa.io whitepaper

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Dont look at Bitcoin or any other coin. See my post in other thread here Will XEM price ever be high!