Will XEM price ever be high!

Hi, I heard a NEM official talk about NEM challenging Bitcoin and Ethereum some time in the years ahead, so I ran some numbers based on the total supply of XEM and Market Cap.
For 1 XEM to even reach $11.00 the market cap will need to be around one hundred billion!
so the prospect of seeing 1 XEM hit even $300.00 is very far in the future or maybe never!

What do you peeps think about this?
I would love to keep investing into NEM, but I would need a lot of XEM to make it exciting :slight_smile:

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That is certainly a possible long term occurance depending on how NEM market themselves and how much use case it can build up.
Short term wise, it seems to be less volatile than Ethereum though no sure thats a good thing or not if you were to compare the 2 movements

you be the judge!

I have been keeping an eye on them on coinmarketcap, I guess I have a hard time getting my head around the large numbers that NEM would need to pull.
I like NEM overall more than ETH, NEM code seems way better than ETH so far and should do well in the business sector, but as an investment currency!!! I don’t know.


Put NEM beside ETH. What marketing power and use case NEM has over ETH?

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Use case is very hard to tell, they both have plenty of flexibility.

How do you see the two?

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First of all, we are looking at the long-term game. Let’s just take the facts into consideration: NEM wasn’t heavly marketed and I believe that was for a good reason. It was because the developer & management team wanted to do “things right” before before “blowing the whistle”.

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s a great marketing approach. Think about all the ICO’s that put a lot of effort promoting their coins as it if they were the next “big thing” but never delivered. They start-up highly pumped just to end end-up highly dumped due to public speculation for short-term earnings.

NEM’s philosophy is all about growing organically, growing the community and that’s a real healthy thing on the long-run. I am actually surprised the price of NEM grew so much regardless of the lack of marketing it had so far. I can only assume it’s been like this thanks to the recent Japanese investments and multiple partnerships…but still…NEM is going to destroy all alt-coins in its path… and that’s my belief. The reason for that is that NEM is better than any coin around, and the marketing will be its last issue once Catapult will launch, not to mention the dedicated Exchange in Australia. How does NEM stand to Bitcoin? I believe very well.

My personal prediction is that it will dance-over Ripple and then take-out the rest slowly in its path. You have to understand that NEM will not make you ritch over-night but making you growing a steady wealth. It’s a coin to keep, not to speculate with. As far as my heart and my gut are concerned, I’ve put most of my assets on NEM because I truly believe in it, and realistically speaking, I think that based of what NEM has to offer in the near future, we are looking at 0.5$ until the end of this year and 1-2$ by summer 2018. Cheers and happy coining :smiley:


NEM has lack of marketing. The technology of NEM speak for itself.

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Indeed my friend. But you have to look at the facts. The lack of marketing is on purpose. Their strategy is built on working behind the curtains and show-off when there’s actually something to show. You will see, let’s wait for Catapult. It’s not a long time to wait for. I guess a few weeks.


For every 1 Ethereum there is 92 NEM. This means if the Tech of NEM & ETH were EQUAL. Nem would be somewhere around 2 dollars 45 cents. However, Ethereum is receiving a much higher evaluation. Almost 11X evaluation compared to NEM. So basically what I’m saying is. You can’t compare the two unless you take the evaluation of the tech & the total supply.

You would be giving the value of Ethereum 27,600 dollars & Nem could theoretically be 300 dollars. (If they were valued at the same level). However, NEM is about 11 times behind Ethereum’s tech & if the lead continues with Ethereum and doesn’t swing back into favor of NEM, the valuation of NEM would be somewhere around 28-30 dollars, while Ethereum would keep it’s lead & have an insane evaluation of 27,600 dollars. Now… for a second, lets pretend the gap closes. and we only become 6x behind Ethereum. We would be looking at 60 dollar NEM. Reality is, you can’t sit here and compare the two without figuring out supply/demand.

You would be giving NEM a 1,500 X evaluation to get to 300 dollars.
If you gave the same valuation to Ethereum , it would be 450,000 dollars.

Not realistic at all.

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I wish nem would burn 5billion coins…

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Why is NEM going down?

I want to talk about a subject that’s been under the radar. Why is our favourite coin dropping down as if someone wants it to just drown into the pit? Well, my friends, have no worries. It’s just a price regulation due to the fact that bitcoin rose-up. Have no worries, let NEM get to it’s price whatever that may be and hold your NEM together. I spoke to the NEM team and they told me the same thing…bitcoin rise…volatile market…keep NEM 1-2 months and we’ll all sing Kumbaya around the fire.So just a little bit of patience. I have 40K+ NEM and regardless of the current price, I am sticking to it because I believe in NEM, in Lon Wang, in the whole team behind it and I know NEM will take-out all the damn coins standing ahead. So my advice. don’t chicken-out and stick to your NEM. Wait until January next year. It will pay-off !


This is my private analyze on daily basis (XEMUSD pair made in Metatrader 4 with imported daily data from coinmarketcap). Retraces and obstacles are normal in price speculation. I believe in NEM (and XEM as e-currency) longterm. I hold now 125000 XEMs (96000 sold in May/June but maybe to fast :grinning:). If XEM could somewhat break 30cents, could easily fly to 50cents+ area. And 50cents can be in this case only shortterm obstacle to fly higher. And we should not look at other coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.). Every coin has his own way.

I wish good luck for all NEMsters :wink:


i think it will get to 1 buck in 7-8 months. since exchange is on the way and other projects are about to start. it is in use already so i hope when market is cooling down it will atract more usear that are lookingt to move there money from falling altcoins. this is where the nem based exchange will come in handy. but with 9billion tokens a high price like eth or btc wont hapn any soon, if ever. i think this will stop somewhere around 4-7 dollars and that will be it if it wont be a next fiatcurrency in some years.

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My dear nemsters, we’ve all witnessed the greatness of NEM regarding utility and innovation so, there’s no need to go through that all-over again as many articles and forum topics already serve that purpose.

Since 20th August when XEM coin reached a peak of over 28 euro-cents (I was looking at litebit.eu charts when saw the spike so it was in EUR), it was actually the all-time record for XEM since 28 euro-cents mean around 33 USD-cents.

Hours after that, we’ve seen a sudden drop in value that went down slowly until now.

Some of you might be all-right with that knowing that it’s an old pump & dump move by whales who have a lot of coins, but many of you might freak-out as you purchased XEM hoping to go to the Moon and what’s happening now, isn’t quite the scenario you imagined.

Well, I can tell you one thing. DO NOT FEAR. NEM is here to stay, and it has yet to start showing its true value.
NEM Catapult is on the way and the NEM Exchange from Australia is also close-by. We also have Trezor on the corner…and all of these expected events are more than enough to give us confidence that XEM price will go to 0.50-0.60$ by the end of this year.

We all know how volatile the enviroment of altcoins can be, and it goes both ways, not just when price goes down. Sadly, a lot of price increase/decrease is dictated by whales that we like to call “weak hands” and are not there to hold assets but to pump and dump. But they are just a temporary setback as the credibility of a coin is not dictated by its market cap but by its utility in the real world.

We all know XEM is not the best marketed coin around as the team dedicated its efforts and money to deliver the best product on the market.

Please read below a conversation between one of our members and Lon Wong (CLICK TO ZOOM-IN)

As far as I’m concerned, XEM is one of the best if not the best coin out there, keep your XEM, and I am extremely confident we’ll se the light by the end of this year. Have faith and don’t chicken-out on something that’s mostly a normal swing in the world of cryptocurrency.

Somebody said that NEM is the “sleeping giant” and I think there is truth to that. Once the giant will wake-up, it will wipe-out most of altcoins that are ahead in the top 5 chart, but for that, we need to be a bit patient.

The NEM rise hasn’t even begun yet. But make no mistake, it’s about to start after October this year. That’s my honest feeling and I stick to it.


we also have to keep in mind that lots of xem gonna be lock on harvesting.

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@ExtRa so, if it is locked, what are the implications? For e.g. if I have 10999, how many will be locked for harvesting? and what does that mean? would I be not able to sell them as and when I like to?

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Hello again my nemsters ! :hugs:

As a guy who wants to have an ideea of what’s coming in the near future, lately I’ve been “on a hunt” for all the web articles and youtube videos, in order to get a clue of what could be the projected price for XEM for the next 12 months from now.

Obviously I ended-up with a lot of confusing information, arguments from all the possible angles and as a result, I didn’t feel that the puzzle pieces were a lot more put together than before doing all that.

At the end of the day, it seems that everybody’s prediction is based more on emotion and wishful thinking rather than on some sort of objective evidence to point-out a realistic outcome. Don’t get me wrong, I’m including myself in this category as my previous posts prove that :blush: .

But nevertheless, this time I decided to leave all my emotions behind and do some sort of objective analysis to get a picture of the future price or XEM for the next 12 months.

Therefore based on the chart taken from WorldCoinIndex from february 2017 to 24th august 2017, I drafted a chart based on XEM price fluctuations during this interval of time so far, which shows-up different outcomes for August 2018, from the most pessimistic scenario to the most optimistic one

I am aware that the graphical presentation is kind of mediocre but due to lack of technical skills, I did my best. At the end of the day, it’s the information we care about. Honestly, I did the chart in Paint, by hand, therefore, please don’t throw tomatoes at me :joy: .

While the information in my chart might not be very accurate, I believe it gives us at least an ideea about a realistic future price of XEM for the next couple of months.

Below you have the chart I’ve made. Please CLICK on it to zoom-in. If zoom-in is no enough, download the picture and zoom-in from your desktop, and you should see the numbers clearely.

As you can see, we have 5 outcomes represented by 5 lines: yellow, purple, green, red, blue.

Keep in mind that when I’ve drafted this chart, I haven’t taken into consideration the upcoming events that will pump-up the XEM price (Catapult, NEM Exchange, Trezor, Comsa). The chart is showing XEM’s future price based on the progress it made so far, without any events that might pump it up. Altough, in the past XEM price got pumped due to a couple of breakthroughs and announcements, I believe that the upcoming events mentioned above, will have much more impact on the price than the ones in the past, therefore, even the most optimistic line (yellow) should be considered as rather conservative regarding expected price, while the blue one, it’s rather an apocalyptic scenario that personally, I find it very unlikely to happen.

The numbers for August 2018 are below as follows:

Yellow line: 1.53$
Purple line: 1.20$
Green line: 0.93$
Red line: 0.71$
Blue line: 0.35$

If I were to take into consideration the upcoming events in the near future I would add at least 50% increase to my predictions for each of the lines pointed in the chart, and even that I think it’s conservative.

Either way, you will see in my chart that XEM price goes-up anyway, and you will see by how much.

I am more than happy to receive replies with opinions, comments, analysis corrections, basically, let’s predict the price together, everybody is welcomed to drop an opinion. I would love to hear that from you.

Cheers ! :sunglasses:


looks good… are you a normal investor in XEM or officially attached with some NEM project?

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Hi Shivikumararora,

Thank you for your appreciation.

To answer your question, I’m both an investor and a believer in NEM project.

Officially, I’m not involved in any development regarding NEM but other than that, I’m dedicating a lot of my time studying and getting any new info about this because after doing extensive research for the past couple of weeks, I realised that NEM is the best block-chain technology out there and in 3-5 years from now it might actually have a very good chance not only to surpass Ethereum, but maybe even Bitcoin itself regarding market cap and adoption, due to the fact that it has an amazing development team and plan and it already started to be widely adopted by Eastern financial institutions.

While these might seem ambitious claims, I’m actually sticking to them. We’ve seen altcoins pulling-out ridiculous outcomes which nobody expected, as in the cryptocurrency world everything is possible.

NEM actually has a shot to make get the crown, and a good one. I’m even tempted to make an article about this.

Overall,I love the idea of investing in something I really believe in.


Keep sharing your knowledge then… thanks