Working on NEM 102 guide


Working on tutorial: NEM Development 101 (episode 02 - idea intellij + nem.core = vanity gen)

I am getting an error: Error:(1, 27) java: package org.nem.core.crypto does not exist

Can someone help?


I don’t have time now to check this. But maybe you want be beta tester of this library :
Lightweight java library for working with NEM via http without using nem-core ?


If you need some assistance to configure library just let me know by Telegram:


Not quite ready for that, just started learning. Can you direct me to a working faucet for test NEM?


I know about this one


@nuvoromo9 test XEM already sent in testnet xem topic


Got it, thanks!



Hey pawelm,
Is there a test mobile wallet I can use for development?




If you are developer you can build own app by chaning a little code, config: