XRP=RIP Oh wow next Me


Yes Bill Clinton and Madonna are more of the shabby celebs promoting XRP.
XRP is pulling out of the closet to prove?.. well nothing.
Can we get some opinions please?


XRP is not marketing themselves towards the Crypto community and why would they? After all their target audience are old investors who have a lot of money in their bank accounts, the kind of people who barely understand how Instagram stories work. IMO Ripple will surpass Bitcoin in the next few years but you have to realize that they depend immensely on the survival of the banking system and the US dollar.


Why would Ripple surpass Bitcoin?
What is Ripple?
From what I gather it is just Banking software backed by Californian Silicon valley funding.
You have to be careful because when you throw out a loaf of bread to pigeons the all come yapping and eating that bread, they are all excited and they are everywhere.
When the bread is gone…


Ripple can surpass Bitcoin by marketcap in the short run. If Facebook makes a coin they will also surpass Bitcoin since they have all the marketing in the world. In the long run Bitcoin is here to stay since it really is the best solution for online payment. Don’t think I’m spreading fud or have an incentive to market ripple/nipple I’m just saying that the world isn’t ready for such disruption yet.