50 Free Copies of our NEM Training Course

As a way to promote NEM & NEM development we are giving out 50 free copies of our NEM training course. For the NEM community only.

The course is currently in pre-release with about 10 hours of content. We have some beginner programming sections too if you aren’t familiar with code.

When the course is done there will be about 40 hours of content. It will also be updated for Catapult when that releases to the general public.

  1. Go to https://devslopes.com/blockchain and click on the NEM course
  2. Use this coupon code at checkout: NEMBERS_CODE_TODAY
  3. Start learning and change the world :grinning:



thanks so much for your information.

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Wohh! Thank you so much Devslopes! I got a FREE copy just now! I’m so happy!


So awesome that you shared this, Mark. Thank you for helping the NEM community.

Coupon doesnt work

Receiving “Invalid coupon code” message.

All gone

Hi Mark, maybe a good idea to have a couple of videos for preview or a maybe just a portion of it regarding the given course.
There are a lot of online education organisation and each one has their own style of presenting.
So most of time I first have a look at one or 2 of the videos in the given course. 1, to see if I like the presenter and the way course is being presented, 2 if I find the content is interesting and 3 do I sense that I will gain knowledge out of the course.

To bad I missed out on the free 10 hours.
Kind Regards

Great offer - will see if I can grab a copy!

Damn missed out. Looking forward to it going public

What a pity, I missed out :frowning:

so late to miss this, any chance more copies to distribute?

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Will be glad to have a copy.

:sweat: I arrived too late!