Building a community

I was very happy to see that there’s a plan to revise and improve community
involvement by the NEM project leaders. As I have hoped and tried, unsuccessfully , to become involved in NEM, I thought I’d share my views constructively. I’ll take the blame for failing to contribute to NEM as I had hoped, others have managed to do it (@gevs for example). However, with what is in my view the abysmal involvement of the community in the project, I think there’s a problem though. I would be happy if humbly sharing my opinion could help things progress.

Let me first share what in my view is community involvement. For me it is not having a proposal developed in secret and dropped, by surprise, all at once, in its final version for a vote by the community. How can people feel involved if all they can do is raise their voice once in a while, generally too late as changing one part of a proposal will have a rippling effect on other parts?

For me, community involvement is enabled by transparency, openness and responsivity.

Transparency: to feel involved in a project, people need to know what happens in that project so that they can participate if they so wish. Not everything can be handled in the open though. Some matters require confidentiality or discretion. But maybe the default should be to handle things in public and openly, with exceptions applied where warranted. This means development in the open from the start (eg for the mobile wallet), more public discussions about development, marketing initiatives, developers outreach, etc

Openness: there’s no point to be transparent if any and all proposal coming from non-core community member is rejected. Note my choice of words: I say non-core community member, in opposition to core-team community member. Why? Because the core team itself is part of the community! With a special role, specific decision power, unusual weight attached to their opinion of course. But for a community to be successful, they need to be involved in the community. They need to be present and be open. Of course that takes some time, but I think it’s worth it. The core team has built tremendous software, but what’s that if’s not used to its full potential?

Responsivity: People interested to get involved in the community, will probably come to the forum with a simple question. Often times, such a post stayed without reaction for days. That’s sadly enough for a newly interested person to loose interest and redirect his/her focus on on something else, possibly thinking it’s impossible to rely on a project where you have to wait for days to get an answer to simple questions.
A lively forum is also a great way for everyone in the community to learn. Look at this thread where @gevs rapidly answers, generating an interesting exchange. How great is that?

Building a community is hard and takes time. In the start, you feel like you work alone, doing everything yourself anyway as before when you worked in private, and just share the info for no purpose, that it’s a burden for no return. But just as end users can’t impose anything to developers, developers can’t force community members to get involved. You can’t force a tree to grow tall. You can only put in place the environment that’s beneficial for it to grow. Same applies to building a community.

Having an active community does not mean no one’s responsible, or that all decisions are collegial, or that decisions have to be justified endlessly. Sometimes people will not agree and possibly be angry. But things can be accepted more easily when these decisions are taken and defended by people respected in the community. And I think there are enough people from the core team having earned respect for their achievements that their leadership would
be accepted by most if not all members of the community. But they should be visible and assume responsibility. Open source projects sometimes refer to the project initiator and leader as the Benevolent Dictator For Life. My feeling is that the core team didn’t want to take that role, but delegating to a NEM Foundation which is not the driving force of the project failed twice. It’s time for the people setting the direction of the project to step up. This can
only be beneficial to the NEM project.
And later on, who knows, maybe new leaders will emerge based on their achievements, bringing new and fresh energy to the project.

As for every change, there’s no guarantee of success. And some difficulties may arise (problematic community member, noisy but unproductive people, trolls, etc). But with a strong community, all this is manageable.

I’m looking forward to being part of a lively community. And I’m sure I’m not alone!


Agreed, we need more people using this forum & Reddit; that is how a lot of people evaluate a projects popularity because not everyone uses Telegram, and if they cannot see the Telegram discourse they will just assume the project is vaporware.

Problem is that NF2.0 (In particular Alex and Laura) banned many people in the community since they were not agreeing 100% with them.

Many people got a ban from telegram and twitter and dont want to bother anymore interacting with the community.

It will be hard for the New structure to get the community back, good luck to Dave.

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Telegram does no favors for NEM in general because anyone who isn’t familiar with it will see how dead the NEM forum & Reddit are and they will believe the project has no support.

It’s crazy that they would ban anyone because even people that are critical of the project bring activity and discussions. I hope that anyone that has been banned will set aside the past and focus on bringing back life into NEM.


Great to see you here!

I hope there will be a follow-up to your post, it is very valuable feedback and it is important that the community re-engagement plan takes your input into account. (/cc @DaveH @davidshaw)

Thank you for mentioning me [twice :fire:], I hope together we can all work on a better community engagement.


Do you agree that Telegram hides the community engagements? They should make a policy for only posting in the Reddit or on this forum from now on because otherwise people speculating on the coin cannot see that it has a large worldwide community. I think a policy needs to be implemented because Telegram is hurting NEM right now & has been for years by the looks of our old community boards & Reddit.

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It’s clear that a forum without activity doesn’t give a good image. Abandoning Telegram would require an assessment of the consequences though.

An advantage of the forum is to aggregate knowledge over time. In telegram, answers to the same question have to be repeated. In a forum, we can hope at least some people will use the search functionality (when the forum is lively).

Another benefit of the forum is that it is asynchronous, which might make it easier for developers to answer questions. Maybe if developers committed to answer technical questions on the forum once a day (so they avoid interruptions), that would be beneficial to all: 1) developers who don’t have to monitor the telegram channels but would still be active in the community and be accessible, 2) the forum, which would see some activity, 3) community members, who would know they’re not on their own when they have a question. With time, this could become a virtuous circle for the forum and the community.

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NEM Community should include development individuals and organizations, project parties, volunteers, investors and so on. Therefore, no matter in the whole NEM ecosystem or in the future token economy, NEM community building undoubtedly plays the most important role. I hope to reshape the community and become part of an active community.

Yes @rb2nem you are not alone! :grinning:


Its fantastic to see more of these kinds of posts and subjects coming, we are definitely watching and trying to work any ideas into the plan that is being written.

Do please contribute to these threads! There are a few just now, linking them all in comments from each other:


I will come back on this one shortly with a specific post as well, great initiative @rb2nem and to echo @gevs it is awesome to see you back and still keen to contribute.


Telegram is bad for community engagement. Everything is invisible. Please consider using Discord as other cryptos like Syscoin, Geth, Pivx etc do.

On Discord you have a history, you can search, you can have different channels for different subjects, announcements, etc.

For example, check the Syscoin Discord to see what it’s all about.


This is true, a well-organized Discord with a main channel and sub channels could be more effective than telegram …

It does seem there is no 1 way to do ‘community’. Some coins seem to rely solely on reddit, others on discord etc… ETH, which has one of the largest crypto communities, has a forum with little to no activity.


something like this? Or feel free to open one.


Telegram is terrible and it was clear to me from the very beginning of its use, but it was probably fashionable. Information flows through Telegram and goes into oblivion, like in sand. Not to mention the fact that Telegram is unsafe. My score is 2.

Discord is original, but it also requires registration, and its messages seem to be missing from the search engines. Is it suitable for the accumulation of systematic and structured information with convenient navigation on it? My score is 3.

There are many chats and platforms for communication. Among them are interesting, new and experimental. But I think forums are the best basic solution for community communication. All other means of communication can only be supplements. Forum forum. nem. io is already better (my score is 3+), although from my point of view it is heavy and inferior in convenience forums like bitcointalk. org (my score is 5). Having NEM forum like bitcointalk. org would be a great solution. A similar forum forum. nemcoin. com was first (in 2014, my score is 4+), but then, unfortunately, migrated from it to forum. nem. io.


A certain part of the community will always want to be able to talk/chat directly and instantly in some capacity, and this is what Telegram/IRC/Discord is used for in different communities.

Discord is simply the best option. When used properly, as an official server by the official NEM organization and a group of mods, it becomes a central hub. For example, every announcement goes on Twitter, with a link to the relevant blog/post to the website/forum/github, and those tweets are published in the #announcements channel on the Discord server.

This announcements on Twitter to Discord might not be preferred by some, but frankly Twitter is simply very popular for people only wanting to follow their favorite news sources. By making this a habit, you automatically create an active Twitter account, and information is not scattered between different medias. It is a recommended approach from a marketing point of view if NEM wants to work on visibility, reach and community engagement. Something that in my personal opinion is missing for the last couple of years.

Over time a group of the community will always be online and be willing to help others. Note that some bigger communities use English as the main language but also have community channels for specific languages. This keeps the community together and allows - for example - to have an English-Japanese person in both the general and the Japanese community channel, allowing for more direct diffusion of thoughts and ideas.

I’m in multiple communities, and those with a well managed Discord server are the most convenient (as information source) and seem the most alive due to community engaging with each other.

Some even have a #telegram channel that echoes what is going on in Telegram, which acts as a catalyst for people moving from Telegram to Discord because people don’t have to miss a thing. Soon enough Telegram diminishes because it doesn’t compare to Discord.


Almost all the NEM community has a telegram account and dont have a discord account.

NEM Community is known to be lazy (Remember the binance votes ?) and many wont bother creating a discord account.

NEM Community is almost dead, imagine if you ask the few left to switch to discord, you will get 5 actives people lol.

Also, everybody in crypto is used to telegram. Imagine someone hear about NEM, he will just go on telegram and clic. If he has to create an discord, he will maybe not come.

Every crypto community works with telegram and it doesnt prevent some hyped crypto to have a big community. Did you check the telegram chan of the others cryptos ? I havent checked but im sure that a crypto such as LINK must often have thousands posts a day.

Also, I took a crypto randomly, Tezos, look at their reddit:

They have dozens comments a day, some post have more than 20 comments (it is not a lot but it is still a lot more than NEM)

So it is possible to have a community by using telegram. The problem is not telegram, looks further why the community is dead :slight_smile:

Me I know why it is dead :slight_smile:

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The problem is simply the number. Around 200+ Nember registered for the election a year and a half ago. The number of participants in Nemred and Nemberia is steadily decreasing. In addition, the Telegram channels are unpopular after events and disputes of recent years.
Of course, it takes a base of communicative participants so that the whole thing does not look like the Gobi desert. Not everyone wants to take part in sober, clinical conversations.
Japan is a great role model for me, many noticeable participants on different platforms. There is discussion, development and a feeling of community. At least I feel that when I look at them from the outside.
There are only a handful of supporters outside of Japan who are active, otherwise a rather small group seems to be waiting for financial success. This is my summary of Nem community 2020. We don’t have to go back to why this is so now. It’s like that, this is what we have to work with now.


the best way to communicate is in the forum and discord, I speak Spanish and in discord there are no topics in Spanish, in the forum I translate it with google and instead in telegram it is only in English, Japanese or Chinese, it’s a misunderstanding also to ask a question


So you mentioned one that doesn’t use Discord. I mentioned three that do. Your point?

I think you mean some when you say everybody. Especially for some, there is often a #telegram channel so oldschool people can continue using Telegram.

Many others have a sparkling community and mention an official Discord server on their website.

I’ve mentioned Syscoin and Pivx. Other examples of reasonably widely known crypto with with an official Discord server on their website are TRON, Dash, Crypto dot com, Ethereum Classic, NEO, IOTA, Zcash, Ontology and VeChain.

Perhaps. I don’t know about this. I’m offering my opinion relevant to the topic. I’m hoping some effort will be made by the NEM team. As a hodler I’m encouraging any positive development.


Already 8 People in the Chan. That is a 700% up in only 18h. Nice Pump… 0 Scams yet…yet

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Forum and telegram are just communication tools, there is no good or bad. The key is whether someone manages the content and users and forms a positive interaction