Community Fund Proposal: LuxTag - A holistic commercial application powered by NEM - Voting has ended -

Hello pawelm,

first of all I apologize for the late reply.

To answer your questions, updates can be found here.

There are currently no plans to adjust the unpaid milestones duo to the volatility in crypto valuations.

Milestone one has been implemented and we are working towards fulfilling Milestone #2 which is getting closer to its approval

Additionally I will try to get my hands on extra information, but I need to discuss with LuxTag core first.

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Details for current progress with Milestone #2.

1) Contract with industry manufacturer for LuxTag pilot integration project

Done, we have a contract with Defeet. Now coordinating with them on the press release.

2) Press release for increased coverage and publicity about contracted project

Coordinating with Defeet on this. 1 press release to be done by Defeet in North America, LuxTag to do another in Asia Pacific. Still coordinating on that.

3) Finalize a white label LuxTag webapp (will invite independent users from NEM community for Users Acceptance Testing; short “UAT”)

We are providing two webapps. (1) User app, (2) Merchant app. The apps are conducting final review internally. Will be ready for UAT announcements in the coming weeks.

4) Post an additional 3 blog/article posts and/or videos of LuxTag which also promote NEM

We already have this.


Thank you @Brainofmasses for update :slight_smile:

LuxTag Transparency Update #2

As I promised I got my hands on more information to show more transparency in the progress of LuxTag. I also would like it to serve as a good example for other future projects, which are asking for the communities help.

Included are interesting information like staff development, clients and expenses. We will keep you up to the date on the companies progress. :slightly_smiling_face:

LuxTagFinance_Overview.pdf (393.2 KB)



Call for Participation - LuxTag UAT Bounty Program

Dear fellow NEMbers,
Come and earn

XEM 88 per person

for contribution to the so called USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING (“UAT”), where we will provide you early access to our industry grade LuxTag web applications (Manufacturer/Merchant & End-User apps), reviewing the functionality and conduct simple reporting & commenting on the usability.

You’re expected to

  • have a PC/Mac available
  • speak/understand English language
  • read and understand our tester instructions
  • test both apps, play around with them (1-3 hours)
  • fill in a multiple-choice form (10-20min long)
  • draft a generic comment with min. 200 words

Workload in total expected: 2-4 hours. Any extra contribution is welcome.
Timeframe: Assignment APPROX. MID FEBRUARY 2018. Completion required within 1 week from assignment.

Volunteers please reply “interested” into this thread.
(I need min. five max. ten participants please)
(We will contact the applicants for the LuxTag UAT Bounty program via direct message)

Happy Chinese New Year :wink:

_ Rene
_ Team


for pc and mac

Wow that was fast @Stinghe_Dorian :blush:

its winter here. after i get back from work i hang arround in office ^^


i’m in, ready to test apps







Got my support

Interested. I’ll pitch in if need be.


We received expression of interest from these 11 community testers.

We believe it’s OK to have eleven (more than the planned ten).
I am ceasing the call for participation for the moment now.

Contributors, please be on standby for further instructions via PM through the channel. You will be asked for your NEM Address later, too.


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