Error 699 harvesting limit hit on local host

I know how tough it can be to find an open node to use for delegated harvesting, so I thought I’d try it out on my local host.

I had to synchronize the blockchain from the very beginning, so I set that up and let it sync while I taught a class at my work. Within a few hours everything was synced so I tried to start delegated harvesting. I got the error message:

Oops! Error 699: NIS harvesting limit hit

How is that possible? I am the only one currently using the Internet at work, and I am certainly the only one running a NEM wallet (that last part is also true at home). I thought each host or server was capable of having two wallets harvesting on it, mine and another one. So why can’t I even harvest when it’s my own computer being the server?

I thought it would work best if I could just leave my wallet open and harvesting locally when I wasn’t carrying it from point A to point B, and it doesn’t seem to hog my computer’s resources too much. I used to be able to harvest on the local host whenever I wanted to. Why can’t I do it now?

I’ve tried tweaking different things in the settings, but I’m always using the localhost.

Please help. Would like to resume harvesting if possible.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you just started NIS and you didn’t change anything in the, then you should be able to harvest of course.
If you started local harvesting, then switched to delegated harvesting, it might happen that your local harvesting is still active, but you can’t see that while in delegated mode (NCC GUI needs update). So you get that error message if you try to start delegated harvesting while local harvesting is active.

For the record: A default NIS will allow only 1 harvester at a time. If you want to change that, edit the NIS “” (or create a which I recommend), go to line 73: “nis.unlockedLimit = 1” and change that number to what you like. The NIS is located in your nemwallet application directory and then inside the “nis” folder.

I tried to do that, but I ran into two problems:

  1. My only option for saving a file in notepad is as a text file. There doesn’t seem to be a way to save it as a PROPERTIES file. Is that going to cause the file to no longer work?

  2. The current location for my nemwallet folder is in C:/Program files. When I tried to save the file (after copying the original one elsewhere in case I do mess it up), the computer refused to give me permission to save to that location, even though my user account is administrator. In the past I’ve worked around that by simply moving the entire folder to C:/. Would that be an option here, or should I try to figure out how to give myself permission to save to the original location?

If you open the “” file in notepad, you should be able to just save your changes with Cmd+S (or File -> Save). But even if you really get the .txt file extension, you could just rename it manually afterwords from “” to “” (just make sure to enable displaying known file extentions in windows explorer, which is always the very first thing I do after installing a new system^^).

So if you run into the problem with missing permissions, this is because the program files directory is secured by windows to be only editable by administrators. This is actually a good thing, and it is also very easy to deal with it:
Just open your editor (notepad e.g.) as administrator (right click -> run as administrator) and then open the file you want to edit. When you now save it, you won’t get into trouble :slight_smile:

2). Take it out from the program files directory in to some C:\nem directory.

You can use Notepad++ because he have numbers of rows and many another useful functions.
You can download it from here
And after installing it with right click of the mouse you can edit any file make changes and save them.

Which will then make your NEM program files including files vulnerable to an attacker even without admin rights.
So, opening your text editor (whatever software you use) with admin rights is a way better solution and I think it is easy, too.

Thanks for your directions. One question: How do you enable displaying known file extensions in Windows Explorer? I’m running Windows 8.1 if that makes a difference.

I tried all that and set the delegated harvesting to 2. Now I’m getting oops NIS unexpected error. Error 306.

Error 306 is not specific. The NIS log might help, but I myself will probably not find the cause in there^^ @BloodyRookie is much better at that…

OK, then I hope @BloodyRookie can respond to this thread :smile:
Thanks so much for all your other help.

I did some poking around the forum and I’m guessing I have the same problem that was addressed here:

Continuing the discussion from Wallet error message:

I had to also create a new wallet, so it’s very likely, even without checking my logs. I just deactivated delegated harvesting, and then will try to reactivate it again and hope it works. I’ll keep you posted (especially if it doesn’t work).

OK, I deactivated, then activated delegated harvesting and now it’s working.

I’m up and running again. Yay!

Yes, that tends to be a common problem and one we need to think through better.

If you have your private key for the delegated account you can harvest on any NIS if it is added to the config file. But if you are trying to harvest through NCC and have switched wallets, then it has to the deactivated and reactivated again.

Steep learning curve for me, so I’m asking questions that may seem stupid to others. I get the same 699 error message. I found the file in my package folder, but don’t know how to edit it in my Macbook Pro. I click the file — which is listed as a document file — and it asks me to choose an application to open it. I don’t believe Notepad is available to Mac users. Besides, even if I did open it in another program, it has to then be converted back to something that Java recognizes, yes?

FYI: I didn’t start with local harvesting. Started with delegated harvesting and am using a remote server and am still waiting to be vested. I’m wondering if the problem is essentially that the remote server isn’t taking on new folks, that it has established a limit and won’t let me join the club, so to speak. Possible?

Here you go How to Raise the Amount of Harvesters. Fix Error 699

In Mac the program you use to edit this file is called TextEdit.

It is a steep learning curve. Thanks for sticking with it. Later, it will be much easier for users.

Thx for helpin’ a brother out. Made the change. Once I’m vested, we’ll see if this does the trick.

sounds great