Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here! [MOVED]


I have a progiem. I have sent 1708 of XEM from Bitrrex to Binance on 11/03/2019 and still have not recived in my wallet.

TxId: 815de93b4810b411378f8a511062b176842e7002451f575b7a6ebec4f7dac3bf

How can I get back my coins?

Thank you Regards

Hello @rafalleszno
Did you read deposit instructions on Binance?
There is warning that you should include specific message code to transaction. Without it it will be not credit.

Your transaction:

Contains message ‘Jazda’ which is for sure not code copied from Binance (it contains only digits).

What you can do now is contact with Binance support, provide transaction hash and ask for manually credit this transaction to your account.
Because you have sent directly from other exchange Binance support for sure will ask for some proof like screenshots from Bittrex.


Yes, I did. I just sighted mistake. I have past another word to transfer… It is my fault. Is some chance to get back coins?

Thank you for response.

czw., 4 kwi 2019, 06:36 użytkownik cryptoBeliever via NEM Forum [email protected] napisał:

Binance should credit manually in such situation. Your is a little bit more complicated because you’ve sent from other exchange but I think they will handle this. Please contact with Binance supported (as I mentioned above).

Thanks for your message. I have contacted with Binance and waiting for respond.

All the best

czw., 4 kwi 2019, 15:08 użytkownik cryptoBeliever via NEM Forum [email protected] napisał:

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I make a transiction of 3048 xem from my xem wallet but i forgot the message(108149277)
I just gave you my wallet adresse and wrong message(ANASSE)
please help me to recive my nem balance as soon as possible

Transfer transaction
Amount3 048.000000 XEM
Fee 0.100000 XEM
Message ANASSE
Block 2105130
Hash 1f624b6ed220d29d9141e43fd27f485986847e29c920e12ed6195550ca2da68b

Please contact with Binance, provide transaction hash and ask for manually credit this transaction.
They will do it for you.

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Hi i send to kryptono
100000 npxsxem
this is the hash 76db5e66205bd84b4a669de912605eb8f7b497aaeb1216503c1995214f8bf567

I would like to know what is happening to them
it not on the exchange ???
need help

Transaction is done:

Please verify if address is correct. If it’s correct please contact with Kryptono support.

yes thx the solve the problem

Le jeu. 18 avr. 2019 à 13:15, cryptoBeliever via NEM Forum [email protected] a écrit :

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I sent 14 coins to nem desktop wallet using the bitbns exchange about 24 hours ago. I have triple checked the address and message. Everything is good.

The transaction confirmed and took the coins from my balance.



Amount5 14.000000 XEM
Fee1 XEM

Hash 67475cdcb685457183c9ffe70aad07798071d6bc38e1a0a4d1be337c56e4d75d

What to do please?


hello @pushkar
Transaction doesn’t exists:

So you should ask sender (exchange) for explanation.

Hello! When translating 1900 NEM 2019-04-18 06:47:25to the address: NAWY52S4MBWST5JDXDSA4BDDF5GR2CJZ3IZ2DUX7 I registered the wrong tag: 6b142991cffd13b0 and the money did not reach. Correct requisites: Address: NAWY52S4MBWST5JDXDSA4BDDF5GR2CJZ3IZ2DUX7 and tag: D7e16967fac7e48a7 Is it possible to fix the error or return the money back to Polonex Thank you very much

Only way is contact with recipient exchange (Coinpayments?) provide transaction hash and ask them to manually credit this transaction to your account.

Sorry, I’m new. Could you tell me exactly where to turn? thank

to entity you have sent. NAWY52S4MBWST5JDXDSA4BDDF5GR2CJZ3IZ2DUX7 belongs to Coinpayments exchange but maybe other small exchange also use it. You should remember where you sent exactly :slight_smile:

Сompany uses Coinpayments.Tell me what to do next? thank

@Roman_Antonyk you should contact with Company and if they won’t able to help directly to Coinpayments

What are latest developments for NEM? Do you have any updates planned?

@Horka NEM Foundation Catapult Roadmap and Vision
And join telegram channels @nemred @nemberia to discuss