Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here! [MOVED]

Poloniex takes a minimum fee of 15 XEM to remit Xem.
Since you are dispensing in two parts, a fee of 30 xem is taken at 15 x 2.

Therefore, even if you withdraw 253 xem, only 223 will be delivered. (253 - 223 = 30)

thank you

" Wauw… did they respond to you when u got them back? Or they just gave it
back? I just openend a new ticket again… hope i will receive them as well
:confused: its been a month now. "

The support sent a email and informs me that they re-sent my transaction.

" By the way did you fill in the hash code? I can’t find it? I kept that one
empty. If you filled it in, please let me know how to find it. Help! "

It´s a question which kind your withdrawal issue is. I sent xem from polo to my wallet (only address / amount).
I have had a " complete error ". it´s without a hash. System failure from Polo.

The hash normaly you can see on nembex when you have a look at your/polo address (this transfer / time / block ). Transactions to polo.

Same issue here. Ok perfect i know enough hehehe hope to get them back
soon! Good to know u got them back.

Hold them till end of this year. U’ll see 700%+ profit :smiley:

good luck…:smile:

Hey about 6 hours ago i deposited xem to bittrex from depot wallet. Nothing is still showing. Ive attached some pics. Does anyone know what i can do? Thanks.

This has been fixed by Helpdesk.

The reason is that the version of Transfer Transaction is 2.
It is supposed to ask Bittrex from the contributor.

Lol finally got them back looooooool i put yesterday new ticket, and this
morning new ticket. After i put the new ticket, 20 seconds i got a reply

i also have trouble with the withdraw to bittrex.



there is no amount on bittrex since 2 days
pls help THX

I think this is a transaction, message is encrypted.

Please contact Bittrex support with the above URL and the message before encryption.

Thank you.

Please help to understand if I don’t have the public key the money will not come to my wallet from the exchange poloniex? Please help me with activation, the transaction 170 nem failed. With the exchange gone, and in your wallet. My wallet ,which was forwarded NBL4CH-OQULBJ-UW54DS-RKPJZR-QRFXUG-KSSGG5-2OPR Thank you!

In order to create a public key, we will send xem.
Can you tell me the version of NanoWallet?

is it worth to upgrade to a more recent, please tell me?

There is no problem with 1.4.0, but I think that it is better to update to the latest version.
Fee is about 1/20.

I will remit 1xem from now as it seems all right.
After that, please remit 0XEM to your address. I used the 1xem as a fee. Once money transfer is completed, publickey will be created.
After that, you will be able to send money to the NanoWallet from the exchange as usual.

Thanks, nem came into my wallet, now activated, has received the public key, now waiting for when I get my money from Poloniex. Ticket for over two months and opened the second the same month. How come - I’ll give you. Thank you very much!

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When remitting NEM, I sent money only with a message.

Please tell me if there is a way to solve it

You need to contact the exchange that you sent the XEM to. Give them your transaction hash. If you give us your address and the amount sent, someone can help you find the transaction hash.

Hi, i want to send my NEM from Bittrex to my Nem nano wallet 1.4. but the transfer will be stopped after a few seconds. I enter the receive address from the nem wallet at Bittrex. What is my mistake? Is the NEM Wallet 1.4 still beta and not productive? Is there anywhere a download link for the Nem wallet 1.3.x. Need help very urgent. Thanks

Is there an error in a few seconds trying to withdraw money with Bittrex?
At that time, an error message should be displayed on the screen, but what kind of display is it?

In addition, NanoWallet remains at 1.4 and there is no problem.


the transaction is suddenly stopped after a few seconds. It feels like the Nano Wallet address ist not right or the wallet could not accept the coins