Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here! [MOVED]

There is something I want to check with your NanoWallet.
Is publickey issued?
Please check the publickey by clicking Account in the TOP menu.

At public keys is the message: You need to make a transaction to get a public key
What should i do?

Bittrex does not send money to addresses that do not have a public key.
Since NEM does not have such conditions, it will be the specification of Bittrex.
In order to reflect the Public key, you need to process remittance from NanoWallet. Does your NanoWallet have more than 1 XEM balance?
If you have a balance, please remit 0XEM to your own address from your NanoWallet. 1XEM is used as a fee.

my balance is 0 NEM, because this would be my first transaction

Please tell me your NEM’s address. We will send 1 XEM.

my receive adress is NB37VKQABONVD6X5SBPJW6BS6FJBAS4MR5GRV44F

Since it will arrive soon, please try the work we wrote earlier.

ok,it is there now, thanks. What must i do now?

If you can confirm the public key, please send it from Bittrex.

how should i confirm the pubklic key?

After transferring money from yourself to yourself, please check whether the Publickey is displayed in the Publickey part earlier.

i should send 1 XEM to my own adress?

NO you should send 0XEM to your own address.
1XEM is fee.

now i have a public key
could i do the transaction from Bittrex now?

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now the nem are on the wallet, thanks. Do i have a backup now?

For information on how to back up NanoWallet please refer to this article.
There are two kinds of backups. Please do both.

Items 3.1 and 3.2.

@Saul I will inform you that the linked movie in 3.1 is gone.

thanks for your help

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I’m trying to do the same thing here, but all my XEM are in Bittrex. Is there a way to generate a public key for nano Wallet when you have 0 XEM in your wallet.

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Same issue here, I just bought my first XEM…