First nem mosaic exchange - support me if you like it :)

I made an article about my project on Steemit. Cheers :slight_smile:


Any date yet when it will go online?

I can’t say one specific date, even month, because I can’t still say how far I am. But if everything will go as I predicted it will be probably late January, if not: February.

Do you need any help with the development? I’d love to get involved with a project like this.

What’s your plan for this project? Are you going to make it opensource? I would really like to help with the development.

Right now I’m not planning to show the code, I’m planning to put it live
after tests. If you to want help with beta I’ll contact you :slight_smile:

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Sure. Id love to help with the beta.

We are still interested, man) Any news about the progress?

Very cool idea.
The potential huge, you can actually create your own value and trade it.

Very nice I will read later and upvote ! and reply and all retweet etc THanks :slight_smile:

Hi also interested put me on your list also

Hi, i forgot to look here for a while. Right now i’m working on migrating it on a mainnet, configuring server, ssl etc, so it’s a matter of days :slight_smile:

Any update on this project?

We are now on mainnet:, but still in beta. You can follow project on twitter:
or telegram:

You can also find actual roadmap(what i’m currently working on) :slight_smile:

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You need to update the logo on as it is small and blurry, I am sure there are people around in the team who can supply internet ready logos, I uploaded a few here on this post, not sure how useful they would be.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We’ve Officially Launched!


This looks very cool indeed, I have not logged in yet you have a lot of very exciting tokens there, I will definitely be looking at getting a few of my favorites.