How many locations

Hey guys!!!

     okay so I have a question, how many places around the world is NEM in ? I have 9 locations so far but I'm sure there's more!

What are these locations?

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What do you mean? What locations?

nevermind, I was looking at the site and I seen " NEM China " " NEM Russia " etc and I thought NEM had locations there. I apologize for any confusion.

Yes the side will be good starting point, let us know if we can help with anything else.

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I think he means in which countries do you have stuff? Maybe it will be helpful, I found in the other topic this:

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Oh,cool! You mean, those are people officially working for NEM, right? Even three enthusiasts from Russia)))

Things may change with the new structure now so there will be an update on this.

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Not sure I could even answer that with other coins. Just hard to tell, this is the internet after all, someone could be using it at some basement without declaring it to authorities or w.e.