NEM Beta 0.6.72 + 0.6.73

Noteworthy, Effective, Modern

So 29 builds later, 0.6.72 is here!

Hard fork will happen at 440000, which should give everyone enough time to upgrade.

The most important change is obviously the inclusion of NAMESPACES and MOSAICS, you can read more about them here

We were also working on a small ninja surprise, we’re including LIGHTWALLET.

Lightwallet is a part of nis and it allows to make transactions on ANY node.
Transaction serialization AND signing is done purely in JS within the browser!.

Despite testing, lightwallet is still experimental, so we strongly encourage to check it in the testnet
before using it in mainnet, additionally in the testnet you can check out how mosaics and namespaces work.

By default lightwallet is running on port 7777 but you can change it in

As of now, ncc can only display namespaces and mosaics. Full support might be available before the fork.

More about lightwallet :


Is a small bugfix rebuild of a previous one, it fixes few minor things:

  • logs that got saved in xml
  • in some cases, ncc main page could show up as almost blank, this should be fine now
  • small issue when selecting mosaics tab in ncc
  • one unneeded file in standalone package

If you’re using the installer make sure to stop running ncc and nis before running the installer!

NEM requires Java 8
Remember installer requires 64-bit java
You can download java from official page:

You can start NCC and NIS with an installer from the following link:
Standalone version:


Wow, this changes everything. One year of design and programming work has finally been released!

Great! Congrats and thanks to all involved! Will update docker config in the coming days

Namespace and Mosaic is the dawn of something great going for this project. It is a very powerful feature that allows us to do a lot more. As an example, from the New York Times (

…In recent months, the software that Ms. Masters has shown to potential investors allows for the issuance and trading of so-called syndicated loans — large loans broken into pieces and sold to different investors. It can take weeks for trades in this market to go through, a time span that D.A. is trying to shorten.

Investors who have looked at the software, though, say they are not convinced that Ms. Masters’s technology will fix the problems in the loan market, which are attributed as much to human cooperation as to bad software…

The above can be done in minutes using Namespace and Mosaic features. We don’t need a programming team to work on this. It has already been automated by our very own devs.

Yes! We hope to see us progressing and leaping upwards in 2016.

Footnote: The Namespace and Mosaic are one of the core components of Dragonfly Fintech.

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WOW great new year gift ! :sparkler: :tada:

Thanks devs, this is another milestone in NEM history !

Lightwallet is a great thing, especially because you managed to get it working on the browser side ! :+1:

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Awesome news!If I understand correctly,the light wallet is first step of node rewards system?

I don’t see any relation there. What makes you say that ?

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“The light wallet allow you to make transactions to any node”

Where is that quote from and how does that imply it has anything to do with node rewards ?
I’m not saying node rewards are far away - i wouldn’t know. I just don’t follow your train of thought :smile:

"Lightwallet is a part of nis and it allows to make transactions on ANY node"
This is original text from introducing Nem Beta 0.6.72
That was only my thoughs Pat.Please do not be so crytic:grinning:

Big difference between ON and TO any node :wink:
Didn’t think I was critical. Gotta use more smileys.

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My bad…Did read that post too fast.It looks like I did read “to any node”


nem:xem xxxx

So this will be fully functional after the hard fork of creating namespaces/mosaics?

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thanks for the hard work at this new version.

Now my wallet started fine.
At the beginning I´ve the same trouble like quasimodo from bitcointalk. Nis/ncc running but I can´t logged in.
I have deleted the ncc.cfg too (like quasimodo - thanks) and now everything is ok.

it’s great!

You actually don’t have to delete the ncc.cfg. Just change the node IP address of the NIS at the front page of the NCC as it is fired up.

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please give the list of nodes on testnet

Happy NEM Year! Client updated! Thank you!

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So epic. Congrats on the release devs!