NEM Mainnet Faucet OPEN!

Your balance
61.792 XEM

This is not currently available. Is that why I can not pay the view? I do not want it! : D

Hello. I’m a total newbie.
I have a question: I want to participate too, but I prefer using my phone. If I travel abroad and use different SIM cards, will I still be able to participate or will I be banned/blocked?
Thanks in advance.

I fixed withdrawal fee error.
For others, please read the error message.


I deleted all the cookies from my browser like an idiot and so when I go to the faucet page there’s not my account there… If I put my XEM adress I will get back my XEM?? I had 50XEMS + some mozaic prices… what should i do?

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This write has been moved from Faucet withdraw problem. and no feedback or support[MOVED].

Sorry for poor support.

In principle, all users should follow error messages.
We will not remove BAN or whitelist suspicious accounts.
I introduced new detect system.

Please understand.

I have tried to recreate my address but my balance does not reappear, can someone advise?

Hello Namuyan!
I did not use the Proxy and did not use the Bot.
Once I pressed the remove cooke button and I lost 15 NEM, now is the same problem, please tell me please go on or I have to quit.
Thank you in advance!

Mainnet Faucet から出金出来ないのですが…

namuyan, please answer me…
I remove the cookie from the website and now my balance is 0… I did not withdraw, I had approximatively 50,6 XEM and a couple of mozaic prizes…
Are the account info saved somewhere that could be restored pleeease?


please tell me I didn’t lose anything…

Hey there is was using a address that I believe has been compromised and I want to withdraw what im able too and send in a tip for the appreciation for the faucet. How can I change the address from the compromised one to a new one I would create and continue to use? Or do I just have to lose what I had in there and start fresh with the new address?

Is it about brain wallet?

No I don’t believe so

Because it was a reply to me, I thought it was a story of Brain Wallet, but is it different?

Brain wallet generated from vulnerable passwords contains a lot of users of this Faucet.
Thanks to these facts, I thought that was the case.

(I am writing and reading English by using translation software, so there is a possibility that nuance has not been transmitted.)

You did good with English like lol my apologies

Omg. You just lie to people. I clicked this faucet more than 150 times. And you are saying you can’t remove ban. I had several messages asking you to check my account. It was before your introduction of new system. And now my time that was allicated to this faucet costs nothing. Because of you I will not suport this XEM currency and sell all my holdings at the nearest pump. Good buy liers.
I will definetly spread the word about negative expreince to my friends.

I think I won 15 xem, but they weren’t credited in my account.

I have Problem I have two device i use it for Faucet, different device different NEM wallet.

is the problem is with my IP address because it prompt that double coockie dettected?

Yes,faucet detected double cookie.
Using some accounts may earn ban score, please use only one account.