Please stop using brain wallet! and Refund to you




Right now, there was a donation from one of the hackers who was talked about last year.


Transaction hash is here.

I do not know what hackers are thinking about.

I make an option to receive this XEM.
And I will return this received XEM to the hacked victim.

I sent a message to hacker.



[Thank you for your donation]

Thank you very much for many donations from everyone.
As for the operation method here, I would like to do the following as a result of consulting with a tax accountant.

Donation reception address:

Contribution address to be used monthly:

Make the budget for each month and move the necessary amount from “Donation reception address” to “Donation destination address to use for the month”.
If funds are insufficient, there is the possibility of contributing separately.
Also, we will use the remaining part of the contribution address for the next month.

For what you use it, it will be filled in the message of the contribution address.
Please refer to that.
I will continue to do my best in the future.

Thank you for your support.


wow great thread, lesson learnt for Nem.
This thread has been going for years!! (will it ever end?).
If Nem ever got big and a mishap like this occurred its pretty much bring your own shovels.


Recently, the number of people who come to pick up the money they keep is decreasing.
The primary problem is that the way to identify vulnerable accounts is evolving.
I am constantly pursuing it.
The support here lasts forever.

Thank you.


Well why do not they just program a wallet that does not get hacked?
This folly is ridiculous.


Hacking is not a problem of the program, it is a problem of the users.
At times, users may reveal secret keys.


There were cracking reports of accounts by report from multiple users.
From now, I will treat the next user as a cracker.



my wallet is hacked!
pls send my XEMs from my old address:

to my new address:



Your NEM account

has been hacked by the

I talked to the user who did the hacking, but no reply has been returned.
Currently, there is no way to regain this fund.

By the way, there are those who claim that this stolen account is already owned.

Please also refer to the explanation by linking “Tech Support”.
Thank you.


This time, we officially certified the next NEM address as an account owned by a hacker.


I sent a dangerous:this_user_is_a_hacker token as a mark.



my account was signed by NAZXEMKDB3IQK4NU2CX6RHIQD342W2AOKRYAAJV3, pls send my XEMs from my old address:

to my new address:


Thank you for contacting us. In order to make a refund, we perform personal authentication. The contents will be sent separately, so please wait for a while now.
Thank you.



Thank you very much for your cooperation in the certification work.
We will terminate refund work with the following transaction.

Lock Fund Transaction:

Refund Transaction:

Thank you very much!


I handed out refund processing today.


Lock Fund Transaction:

Refund Transaction:



I handed out refund processing today.


Lock Fund Transaction:

Refund Transaction:

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