Please stop using brain wallet! and Refund to you



I’m sorry.
Your funds are already being stolen by hackers.
Please submit a damage report to public institutions etc.



What if I received a message


It is an automatic message to brain wallet users.
I do not judge whether it is stolen or before, I am sending it.


It turns out that this is your address NBD4OVE3K4UDLKO25LOD26NOZZKKQWGJUL7VSQLC.
Did you check your wallets on the burglar ?


Even checking the thief 's address, I can not do anything. There is no way to get it back only by victims.



Thank you very much for your cooperation in the certification work.
We will terminate refund work with the following transaction.

Lock Fund Transaction:

Refund Transaction:



Hello again, I turn to you for help, sent 85 nem from wallet to the exchange ,but still no exchange,please help Отправка транзакции
Сумма85.000000 XEM
Комиссия 0.050000 XEM
Блок 1394524
Hash c699aee226955838dce481ae1d17fbd4b1c9e529930ece8e0e3f72463d891454


You’re saying I should get rid of my Brain Wallet no matter how strong my password is?


I think that there is no problem if you use strong passward.
This is basically a topic for those who do not understand the dangers of Brain Wallet.


Alright so I may continue using mine with no problem? as long as it’s extremely secure?


The simple wallet, when expressed in brain wallet, has the same strength as using a password like the one below.


Of course, it is a completely randomly generated character string.
I think that this should be considered as one criterion.

If you use brain wallet, it is safe to use stronger passwords.

However, since it is not an absolute one, please use it at your own discretion.
It can not be guaranteed.



Thank you for your quick response


Hi. You locked my wallet NALSDA-2AU7H3-W7NFMM-5VHDAS-SVNL6D-KVFZXD-ZFDX .

I created new acc on simple wallet NDUY3H-VNMBKP-E2MKDF-N6O2HH-VWDPO6-O5TGPC-VQQA

How can send my xem?


I do not know whether you saw my message. Above

Пытаюсь отправить на биржу xem [MOVED]


Thank you for contacting us.
In order to make a refund, we perform personal authentication.
The contents will be sent separately, so please wait for a while now.

Thank you.



Thank you very much for your cooperation in the certification work.
We will terminate refund work with the following transaction.

Lock Fund Transaction:

Refund Transaction:




For private reasons, we can not correspond at the end of the year and the New Year.
29, December 23:00 (GMT+9) to 4, January 10:00 (GMT+9).

GMT has the following time.
29, December from 14:00 to 4, January 1:00

Humbly, thank you for your understanding.


Добрый день!!! Меня заблокировали !! По инструкции я создал простой кошелек.адрес простого кошелька : NDBAKI-4XFPTL-R4YRQR-6YIIPR-N3UUXN-G2G3F6-K2F3

Прошу вас помочь мне .


Добрый день!! прошу вас помочь мне вернуть мои средства которые были переведены не мной на адрес: NARRW5-NLG5CY-HNSTTN-7VYUYP-TLXUW5-AC3MRT-2NOU Mon, 21 Aug 2017 .
По инструкции я создал простой кошелек ( адрес : NAXH7S76LG7XZRW2W4232ECH6655GAA6ETVS66Q7) и мой brain кошелек : NDYZGXJ5MRP3ZGFZ7T6J7PLUD4I7QZRSHBAC2LHG
Прошу вас вернуть мои средства в размере 223 xem со счета NARRW5-NLG5CY-HNSTTN-7VYUYP-TLXUW5-AC3MRT-2NOU, связи с взломом моего кошелька.



Спасибо, что обратились к нам.
Я хотел бы подтвердить детали с этого момента и выполнить личную проверку.
Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами отдельно, поэтому, пожалуйста, будьте терпеливы.
Благодарю вас.

Thank you for contacting us. I would like to confirm the details from now and perform personal verification work. Please contact us separately, so please be patient. Thank you.