Symbol has launched!

It feels really good to be able to let everyone know that we’ve successfully launched Symbol today - the culmination of a 4 year journey for NEM. I’m very proud that we’ve been able to work alongside Jaguar, Gimre and Bloody Rookie to help make their Catapult vision into a Symbol reality. I know how hard they’ve worked, as have so many in the community. A big thank you one and all.

It has been a hard, complicated and sometimes frustrating journey for everyone, but now, with Symbol launched, a very worthwhile one. Getting it right has been paramount. A public chain must be, above all else, secure and that has been at the heart of our approach in getting to this point.

For me personally it has been fascinating - not just learning about the finer points of blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets - but also about the importance of decentralisation and what that represents for us and our ecosystem. I firmly believe that this global shift towards Decentralisation, combined with Tokensation and Digitisation, together will be the defining characteristics of a new economic model.

NEM has the power to underpin this new economy; a new economy that ultimately improves trust, transparency and efficiency for individuals, organisations and society as a whole. Blockchain and the ecosystem around it, brings with it an opportunity to create this entirely new economic system - one that is more open and accessible to everyone.

Going forward, NEM is committed to being a two chain ecosystem and Symbol will sit alongside NEM NIS1. Both have exciting futures and roles to play in underpinning the new economy and continuing to build out the NEM ecosystem.

However, today is about Symbol and we should take the moment to reflect and celebrate our collective achievement in launching the next generation of blockchain.

Congratulations to us all at NEM.



Well done guys. You deserve tall the credit for all the hard work.
The last mile in any journey is always the hardest but is the most rewarding :+1:

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Congratulations! Thank you to all members of NGL who’ve been working so hard on this great achievement!

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Congrats to the whole team for their efforts and long hours in making the Symbol release possible! This was many years in the making.

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I hope Symbol team can make a roadmap. So the community know what will be happen in the future.

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Here is a thank you message to the community. Some of you might even see your name!


@jabo38 Please update it keeps saying that the wallet is only for the public testnet.
Actually it would be nice if had a direct link to a download page instead of forcing newcomers to comb through the docs to get the wallet (which is also hidden behind “references”). It would make more sense if the downloadable wallet was in “Getting started”.


Thx for the hard work! Congratulations!

Love the 3-D rotating symbol logo on the wallet! The wallet design is done very well and easy to use.


At last :smiley: Long live the King (of crypto)

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Congratulations for all involved with your hard work and dedication, especially to the core devs, you rule!!



A truly memorable moment after an exciting and bumpy ride. Thank you and congratulations to all.

Guys, congrats! It has been really great, long and sometimes hard ride with you from 2014. But it is here! So new part of Symbol history just started :-).


Yes, agree, they nedd add wallet download link ASAP. Regards

New Capital Exchange has listed SYMBOL and distributed XYM tokens to XEM holders!

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The most failed airdrop in history. Foundation pissed away everything they could!

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You have no place to dump? Such a shame. Wait for Polo, maybe you will dump and i will catch it.